MesoLed capillary, this surprising technique adored by stars for dream hair

MesoLed capillary, this surprising technique adored by stars for dream hair

A few weeks ago, Iris Mittenaère revealed on Instagram one of her best-kept secrets for sporting a beautiful hair. If, one imagines, the ex-Miss Universe takes care of her hair on a daily basis, she completes her hair routine with a particular and rather impressive treatment which bears the name of Capillary MesoLed.

To perform this hair treatment, Iris Mittenaere goes to the House Lutetia, a place where various aesthetic medicine treatments are offered for the face, body and hair. There, the Miss has her habits. “I love the MesoLed treatment that I have been doing for years. The place is sublime, but above all, I have complete confidence in them (…). They are real experts and it shows”, told us Iris Mittenaere during an interview.

The Miss France seem to particularly appreciate this treatment. Indeed, Iris Mittenaere is not the only one to have fallen for this aesthetic medicine technique, which is impressive to say the least. Among the other celebrities followers we count in particular Camille Cerf or Maeva Coucke

MesoLed, mesotherapy combined with light therapy

But what exactly is care? MesoLed ? It is actually a treatment carried out in two stages and combining both mesotherapy and light therapy. This one aims to give a boost to the hair. It prevents hair loss and fall, prevents baldness and accelerates hair growth. In short, MesoLed provides healthy hair.

What is hair mesotherapy?

The session begins with the mesotherapya medical treatment consisting of injecting, using a gun with a fine needle, a biostimulant serum. The cocktail includes amino acids, minerals, plenty of vitamins and a healthy dose of hyaluronic acid.

How is hair mesotherapy and scalp injections done?

The treatment is then injected line by line into the scalp, horizontally, then vertically; but also at the level of the front line, the area where women tend to lose their hair the most.

Then comes the moment of light therapy. Using an LED lamp, the scalp will be soothed and the hair revitalized. The yellow light is used to stop hair loss and hair loss and to help new healthy hair grow. Finally, the light turns red. This aims to activate the healing of the scalp and calm the inflammation.

Is it a painful technique?

The tool may indeed be impressive, but it is not as painful as it looks. Sensitivity is unique to each person. Nevertheless, it remains bearable for most patients.

How many sessions should be done to obtain visible results?

A course of 3 sessions, each spaced about 15 days apart, is recommended to see the first results. Then, it is advisable to carry out a maintenance session every 3 months.

The price of MesoLed hair at Maison Lutétia

On the price side, count 250 euro for a session at Maison Lutetia or 675 euros (instead of 750 euros) for 3 hair MesoLed sessions.

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Are there any contraindications?

Not everyone can do capillary MesoLed. There are indeed contraindications. This technique of aesthetic medicine is actually not recommended if you are pregnant, if you have a skin disease such as eczema, dermatitis or rashes, if you are allergic to one of the components of the formula of the serum used during mesotherapy, or if you have a history of an autoimmune disease.

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