the ideal treatment for damaged hair

the ideal treatment for damaged hair

Amla oil, derived from the kernel of an Indian fruit, is the perfect ally for curly or frizzy hair, which tends to be damaged. Repairs, protects and nourishes, thanks to it, your hair will thank you.

Amla oil is a product from India, it can also be found in Nepal and Sri Lanka. Used for centuries, it is the preferred beauty ally of indian. This oil is extracted from the kernel of the amla fruit, an Indian yellow currant. Amla oil is intended for people who have the curly or frizzy hairwhich tend to be damaged and dry.

It is recommended for the colors of dark hair, since the latter would tend to darken the color of your hair. With all the aggressions that our hair and our scalpthey need to be taken care of, to sublimate and repair them, amla oil is ideal. Enriched with different vitamins and antioxidants, this oil is miraculous for obtaining strong and healthy hair.

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What are the benefits of amla oil?

Amla oil has various benefits for the hair. It contains vitamin A, C and E, and is rich in antioxidants. Amla oil acts directly on the hair fiber, from the inside, to bring strength and shine. In the long term, it strengthens, nourishes and hydrates the hair. Amla oil responds to various problems, it helps to repair split ends and damaged hair. It protects the hair from external aggressions such as heat, coloring or even pollution.

Vitamin A stimulates the production of sebum, which helps protect the hair. The vitamin C contained in this oil activates blood circulation. The Vitamin E is an antioxidant and moisturizer, it also helps to Stimulate blood circulation and accentuate hair growth. By applying it directly to the scalp, amla oil then prevents hair loss and activates their growth. These benefits make it possible to obtain voluminous and dense hair.

Apart from the hydration and repair side of the hair, amla oil is ideal for fighting dandruff, it even helps to slow down the appearance of White hair. This oil also has other uses, it can be used on eyelashes and nails to stimulate growth and make them stronger. You can even use it to detangle your hair or reduce frizz. Amla oil is suitable for both women and men, who can use it for take care of their beard. Its only drawback is its fragrance, the smell is not the most pleasant, but there are perfumed amla oils, with jasmine for example. Nevertheless, with or without perfume, the effectiveness does not vary.

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How to apply amla oil?

The use of amla oil can be done in different ways and for different needs. You can apply it on the scalp by massaging it, which will stimulate your blood circulation all the more, and therefore, the your hair grows. It can also be applied to your lengths, to nourish, moisturize and repair your hair. Then there are two ways to proceed, you can apply it, either daily for treat your hair regularly by applying it to your lengths and ends, every day. Or you can opt for oil baths, like a maskto be carried out once a week for example, in this way you can mix it with other vegetable oils to create treatments that target all your problems.

If you use it daily, do not rinse after applying it to your lengths, you do not need to rinse. On the other hand, if you use it in an oil bath, we advise you to let it sit for several hours then rinse and wash with a shampoo. Depending on the nature of your hair, the product will leave with about two shampoos, either liquid, or in the form of solid soap. On the other hand, avoid applying amla oil to your facial skin, as it tends to clog its pores and prevent it from breathing.

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Which amla oil to choose?

Amla oil, there are good and bad ones, to help you choose, we have selected several types of amla oil according to the best consumer reviews. You can get them in store or by delivery. Discover our selection of the best amla oils.

Dabur Amla Oil, Indian ayurveda hair oil
This product is composed of 58% vegetable oils with amla extract and 40% mineral oils. Its price of 7 euros remains very accessible for all. Available for delivery on Amazon.

Oily macerate of organic amla – Aroma-Zone, €4.95 100ml
This amla oil is made from the maceration of organic amla fruits in virgin organic castor vegetable oil. An ideal mix to take care of the hair and stimulate its growth. This oil is 100% natural and pure. Available in the Aroma-Zone store, or for delivery on the Aroma-Zone website.

Dabur Amla Oil
Amla dabur oil is the one that everyone recommends. Its formulation is ideal and opinions are unanimous. Available for delivery on Amazon.

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