The Mas du Clos circuit (Creuse) returns in style after ten years of closure

Le circuit du Mas du Clos (Creuse) revient en beauté après dix ans de fermeture

Four months of work, 60 people and approval. This is what will have been necessary for the Mas du Clos circuit to officially reopen for rolling this Saturday.

The 3.1 km of the circuit will have required a lot of work from Alexandre Bardinon and his teams. “We had to redo a lot of things. Coating, guardrail, paint…”. After ten years of sleep, the norms have changed and that’s normal. More secure, today’s circuits must comply with very precise specifications. Mas du Clos is no exception. “The restaurant circuit had too little clearance. We had to rethink the turn to be in the nails, ”explains the master of the place.
@Bruno Barlier

The first cars once again drove on the Mas du Clos route ten years after its closure (Creuse)

Now that it’s all over, the teams are starting to think about the future. Why not host competition later?? The rehabilitation of places of reception?? The ideas are on the table. “Now it takes time for it to infuse. Let the mayonnaise resume, ”recalls Alexandre Bardinon. For the young man with blond hair, this new start is also beneficial for the surrounding municipalities.

“People come from all over France and even sometimes from Europe here. Economically, it will be virtuous for the merchants in the area »

Alexandre Bardinon (empty)

Hidden in the nature of Saint-Avit-de-Tardes, the circuit fits perfectly into the environment. Arriving from the side of the Mas du Clos, only the sounds of engines in the distance announce the color. The route, hidden between the trees, does not clash with its environment.

Alexandre Bardinon underlines this: “We tried to keep a green aspect with Limousin stone buildings. We didn’t want to distort the place at a time when many circuits are opting for concreting”. A good point since perfectly successful. Saturday morning, passenger cars were relatively quiet. However, to be seen if, after ten years of silence, the fauna will get used to the crackling of roaring machinery.

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