Tired eyes: the best products to wake them up

Tired eyes: the best products to wake them up

To say bye bye tired eyesthere are solutions to integrate into your routine skin care Daily. Follow the leader !

Morning rituals for a fresh look

  • To massage and drain with stones

At night, the body’s activity slows down. Lack of eye movement and decreased blood and lymphatic circulation, sluggish, cause fluids to accumulate in the tissues around the eyes. The right option for reduce these swellings ? A massage with an iced quartz roller that you will have taken care to place in the fridge (in a freezer bag for more hygiene) or passed under a trickle of cold water. Then, all you have to do is roll it under the eye, from the inside out, between the eyebrows and above the eyes to decongest everything. Nothing on hand? We use the back of a spoon chilled in the freezer, it works very well. In the evening, you can also warm your roller under hot water and pass it on your temples and around your eyes to smooth out fine linesand treat yourself to a relaxing effect as a bonus.

Our shopping selection for an anti-fatigue face massage:

Quartz Roller, Payot (€23.82)

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Rose quartz roll-on, Skin Minute (€19.90)

  • Stimulate energy points

In two minutes and a few pressures, you can facilitate the drainage of excess liquids and waste that block the circulation of lymph and blood. To do well, press for a few seconds with the pulp of the fingers at the birth of the eyebrow, at the inner corner of the eye, then under the arch of the eyebrow and, finally, on the outer edge of the gaze. We repeat three times, then we massage the temples with circular movements.

The skin around the eyes is 3 to 5 times thinner than that of the rest of the face. It is also the one that shows the fastest signs of aging because of blinking (more than 10,000 times a day), dehydration (she has no sebaceous glands), but also sagging skin age related. To preserve, tone and quench it, use a formula rich in moisturizing (hyaluronic acid), lifting (peptides), draining and circulatory (caffeine, horse chestnut, brown algae) active ingredients. The good gesture: take the equivalent of a grain of rice of eye contour care, then apply with the fingertips by tapping, from the inner corner towards the temples. For gentle pressure and to avoid wrinkling the fabrics, you can use the ring finger to strum.

Our shopping selection to protect his gaze:

Total Eye, Anti-puffiness Refreshing Eye Contour Gel, Clarins (€39.50)

To buy Clarins anti-puffiness eye freshness gel, click on the photo ↑

Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl, Lancome (€52.50)

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Bulb Refresh, SVR (€18.89)

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The Ordinary Eye Serum (€17.83)

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Revitalift Filler, L’Oreal Paris (€10.84)

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  • Makeup : the perfect ally to blur the eyes.

Concealer is the magic product that hides irregularities and illuminates the face. We choose it tone on tone with its foundation. And, for a natural result, it is applied along the dark circle, degrading it slightly towards the edge of the eyelashes, but without touching it. Bags under the eyes ? We stretch it just below to hide the shadow. Afraid of putting on too much? First apply it to the back of the hand before stretching it out with a brush (the one from Chanel, Duo Correcteur Rétractable N° 105, is top notch). You can also apply it to the corner of the eye, at the level of the crow’s feet, it’s crazy like that refreshes the lookand on the mobile eyelid to camouflage veins.

Our shopping selection for makeup that blurs:

Retractable Corrector Duo N° 105, Chanel

To buy the pinceaDuo Retractable Corrector N° 105, click on the picture ↑

Even Better, All Over Concealer, Clinique (€27.06)

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Vitamin C Concealer, The Body Shop ($15)

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Anti-Dark Circle Corrective Care, Embryolisse (€24.99)

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The Concealer, Chanel (€36)

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give depth in his gaze. For this, we emphasize the upper fringe of the eyelashes. Not with an eyeliner, more complicated to apply when you start to show fine lines, but in gray or brown pencil (softer than black). We choose a waterproof pencil so that it does not migrate and we apply it in dotted lines at the root of the eyelashes, it’s easier. The line is not regular? Diffuse the color with your finger to give it a nice smoky look. We finish with a few coats of mascara, stretching it towards the tip of the outer lashes for the lift effect. And don’t forget to redraw in pencil and brush your eyebrows up to open your eyes. Extremely efficient!

To avoid the puffy eyes morning and more pronounced dark circles due to dehydration, we force ourselves to drink at least one and a half liters of water a day. Water eliminates toxins, including salt, which stagnate around the eye and promote retention. Having trouble drinking so much? We divide: three glasses in the morning, three at noon and three in the evening. You can also put an alarm on your smartphone to remember to hydrate every hour.

evening rituals

  • Clean his eyes with saline

This salty solution is ideal for remove dust of the day and hydrate the eye. For more comfort, leave the single dose of serum in a glass of warm water before opening it and pouring its contents into each eye.

  • Test Ingrid Millet’s “nap effect” treatment

It’s the new institute care that everyone is talking about. The pitch: after a meticulous make-up removal and exfoliation and the application of a horsetail and peppermint lotion, it’s time to anti-fatigue massage. Half an hour of effleurages and pianotti relaxing of the face and eyes (we inevitably fall asleep), followed by draining maneuvers with icy quartz rollers. The ritual ends with the application of an amazing fresh paste with super-hydrating brown seaweed sugars all over the face, and the application of the brand’s best-selling anti-aging skincare products. Bluffing to have a fresh eye before a night out! (Aquacontrol treatment for the eye contour, Ingrid Millet, €90 for 75 minutes.)

No need to rub like a brute to remove mascara and other eyeshadow applied fresh. the eye contour, devoid of sebaceous glands, is fragile. So, we take it easy and we choose rather a makeup remover biphasic (with an aqueous and oily phase) which makes it easy to remove make-up, dirt and sebum, without feeling greasy. The ideal gesture? Shake the two-phase solution, then pour a few drops on two cotton balls. Press them for thirty seconds on each eyelid to dissolve the make-up, before sliding them outwards. Continue the exercise with the other side of the cotton which, covered with the aqueous phase (the oil remains on the surface on the other side), will eliminate the greasy veil. Feeling of discomfort? Finish with a spray of thermal water.

Our shopping selection to gently remove make-up:

Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover with Organic Cornflower, Klorane (€6)

To buy Klorane’s eye makeup remover, click on the photo ↑

Express Eye Makeup Remover, Clarins (€23.90)

To buy Clarins express make-up remover, click on the photo ↑

Fresh Lashes, Bio-Elita, Ingrid Millet (€30.90)

To buy, click on the photo ↑

Bi-Facil Clean & Care, Lancome (€33)

To buy the Lancôme bi-facil, click on the picture ↑

  • Straighten the look with patches

Inexpensive and concentrated in moisturizing and decongestant active ingredients, these Korean patches in hydrogel, fabric or bio-cellulose are very effective in relieving fatigue and erasing fine lines of dehydration in record time. We choose them with hyaluronic acid, coconut water or aloe vera, and we leave them on for 15 minutes before massaging the excess (and what remains in the bottom of the bag) on the whole face.

Our shopping selection to straighten the eyes:

Eye Contour Hyaluronic Patches, AnneMarie Borlind (€19.95 for 12).

To buy, click on the photo ↑

Anti-fatigue eye patches, D+ for Care (€21 for 6)

To buy, click on the photo ↑

Hyal-Eclat Eye Wrap, Qiriness (€11.99)

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Eye Therapy Patch, Talika (€7.90)

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Caffeine Eye Mask, Sephora ($3.99)

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  • Use floral water to soothe

Polluted air, hours spent on the computer, pollens… At the end of the day, our eyes are often irritated. The parade: apply floral water compresses of rose, red myrtle, chamomile or cornflower, the most effective hydrosols for soothe tired eyes.

Our shopping selection:

Organic Rose Floral Water, Melvita (€10.50)

To buy, click on the photo ↑

Organic Corsican myrtle, Aroma-Zone (3 €)

To buy the Aroma-Zone treatment, click on the picture ↑

Roman Chamomile, Waam (€8.32)

To buy Waam Roman chamomile floral water, click on the photo ↑

  • Use steam eye masks.

The Japanese love these cosmetics. The idea? Cloth pads infused with water, carbon and iron which, when the sachet is opened, reacts with oxygen and causes the water to evaporate in the form of soft and warm vapor. Leave them on, eyes closed, for twenty minutes, to relax them, but also to improve sleep quality.

The right choice: MegRhythm Heated Eye Mask (€8 for 5), at Monoprix and Auchan.

To buy, click on the photo ↑

Thanks to Capucine Martin-Phipps, SVR Scientific Communication Director, and Elsa Durrens, Chanel Make-up Artist.

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