Trendy hairstyle for 50-year-old women with a rejuvenating effect. The right length and the most appropriate color to be sublime!

hairstyle trend woman 50 years short and blond hair

A woman’s desire to be beautiful at all times is quite natural. Even if with age we gain more confidence, we assume more, we must spend more time to take care of our appearance. Some of you are beginning to lead more active and healthy lives. Others bet on a worked style and pay particular attention to hairstyles. Fine, thinning hair or voluminous hair, there is a solution for every scalp problem. Focus on the hairstyle trend for 50-year-old women.

After 50 years, the texture of the hair changes, take care regularly

hairstyle trend woman 50 years short and blond hair

What hair length at 50?

Before moving on to cuts and hairstyles, we will do an overview of what is the best length for 50s. According to hair stylists, long hair should be avoided. These can weigh down the face and mark wrinkles. However, if you want to keep your hair long, a mid-length is recommended. After a certain age, hair becomes drier and more brittle. From this point of view, if you opt for long hair, the texture may not be very rewarding. Keep in mind, it all depends on the nature of your hair. Everything is possible. More and more stars and celebrities who are 50 or older are keeping their hair long.

A short haircut has its practical utility, as it is easier to maintain

We all know that a modern cut adapted to our face and our hair texture can make a big difference. You will have a fresh and modern look and above all, you will look young and in tune with the right hairstyle. Therefore, you need cuts that soften the features and refine the contours. It is necessary to balance the volume to give a good look immediately. However, the secret of a rejuvenation by a haircut lies in a few main factors:

  • Color
  • type of cut
  • Hairdressing.

Long hair at 50 is adopted by many celebrities

carrie bradshow what is the trendy haircut 2022

Anti-aging hairstyles are distinguished by their effectiveness, thanks to various techniques:

  • Modern cuts
  • Asymmetry
  • Smooth transitions


This cut requires a lot of courage and a strong personality. The ultra-short “pixie” hairstyle loosens up the facial features and looks fresh. You can opt for a straight asymmetrical to hide a few wrinkles along the way.

The advantage of a short haircut is that you can wear earrings that are too stylish


This hairstyle is a bit longer than the pixie cut and can portray a more romantic or intriguing style. You can opt for a tousled style with a fringe on the side to give dynamism. Each of you can adopt this haircut with a different approach.

To clear the face if you have glasses, comb your hair back

#Square plunging

Here is the main hairstyle trend for this year 2020 that hair stylists recommend for women over 50. You can place the wick on the side, this effect brings sophistication and elegance to your look. With this cut, you can keep a length on the front. There are different versions, some of which are degraded in the neck. Ask your hairdresser for advice which variant will best suit your face shape and hair texture.

You have a thousand and one ways to style your plunging square

what hair length is 50 years old trend

#Square Bob

The square bob is a cut perfectly in the hairstyle trends for 50-year-old women. It allows you to add volume to your hair in a natural way. This hairstyle comes in different forms. The square bob is very popular with people with fine facial features.

Whether it’s a wavy bob or a smooth bob, the trendy effect is guaranteed

And the color in all this?

Two choices are available to you, dear ladies, regarding white hair: either assume it, or camouflage it. If you decide to keep your beautiful gray hair, know that you will be top of the trend. In addition, keep your natural color, you avoid repeated coloring. The gray color can also come in many shades and can both rejuvenate and beautify you. And, if despite all these good reasons, you want to color your hair, get as close as possible to your natural color. Avoid a big contrast that will automatically age you.

Hair loses shine after menopause

short haircut natural color woman 50 years

Don’t be afraid to take the big step with the scissors. Follow the hairstyle trend for 50-year-old women to feel modern and in tune with the times. But above all take care of yourself, any hair problem can be overcome with the right tips.



A short cut makes it easy to add volume to the hair

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