what are the advantages of this playful and trendy format?

From now on, don’t just carry your stick lipstick in your bag! A practical format that can now be found in several variations ranging from face masks to cheekbone sticks. A little zoom on its many advantages for a practical and playful beauty treatment.

Your mornings will appreciate the stick. Whether in foundation, eye contour, or perfume, the stick is available in different ways to save time. Indeed, in a quick gesture, it allows you to take care of yourself without spending hours in your bathroom. In addition, you will not have excess foundation or blush, since it gives the right dose of product.

For those in a hurry and/or nomads, you can take it everywhere with you: in your bag to go to work or in your cabin suitcase for your plane trips. With their XXS format, they take up little space and reduce waste production. What more ?

Stick beauty: a cleaner gesture?

Still on the road? It can be difficult to wash your hands sometimes, so when it comes to applying foundation, it can quickly become complicated for cleanliness freaks. But thanks to the stick, your life will change. No more need for your fingers since you will be able to apply your product directly. This is particularly appreciable for masks.

The beauty stick for the complexion

Tired of liquid foundation, sometimes complicated to apply? Or the powdered one that breaks at the slightest sudden movement? In addition to being practical for making up the complexion, the stick foundation allows you not to take out an artillery of brushes. Like a classic foundation, there are several formulas: slippery, moisturizing… and several shades for a stick adapted to your skin. And if you like a little final touch with a little blush, know that you will also find it in stick form. Easy to apply, just put a little on each of the cheekbones and spread gently with your finger. In a few minutes, you will have a fresh complexion and in all circumstances, since the stick slips everywhere.

The stick for doe eyes

The stick for the eyes is based on the same principle as that for the complexion. It is ideal for those who have little skill in terms of makeup or those who like simple and effective makeup. Quick to apply, you will get a beautiful look in record time. There are different categories: matte, shiny, glitter…

Take care of your face with a stick

If you like to make good little masks, opt for the stick. From mud or clay, to moisturizing masks, each stick will give you what you need for your skin. No need to put your fingers, just apply your mask directly with the stick. Be careful, to avoid the proliferation of bacteria, your skin must first be thoroughly cleansed.

Using the stick to remove makeup is perhaps the most effective use, but also economical and good for the environment. Indeed, no more need to use cotton, wipes… A touch of stick, rinsing with water and here you are with deeply cleansed skin.

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