In Plescop, their family SME takes care of the health of athletes

In Plescop, their family SME takes care of the health of athletes

Frédérique and Bruno are proud to continue to perpetuate the family brand.
Frédérique and Bruno are proud to continue to perpetuate the family brand. ©Gilles QUEFFELEC

1982-2022. 40 years now that the small family business Overstim.s takes care of the athlete health proposing food supplements to help them better manage their efforts.

In a garage in the Val-d’Oise

And to think that it all started from the garage of the family home in Val-d’Oise… 40 years ago, Daniel de Saint Ouen, an amateur cyclist, was in trouble: he couldn’t find food, practical and fast, and above all non-acidic, to allow your body to prepare well before physical exertion. “He then had the idea of ​​creating himself what he would call the… Gatosport “, explains Frédérique, her daughter, today at the head of Overstim.s with her husband Bruno Hiernart. A Gatosport (a powder mixed with water to be taken 1 hour before exercise) which still exists today among 300 products now referenced in the small family business which has grown since then.

Victim of great success, Daniel Saint Ouen will then surround himself with professionals to imagine other food supplements.

François d’Haene as Ambassador

Eight years later, in 1990, the family decided to to relocate and to continue the Overstim.s adventure in Brittany. “We often spent our holidays there and then, it’s a land of cycling! “Ideal to continue to develop the brand. And it’s in Plescop that the company settles down. It even created a “Research and Development” laboratory a few kilometers away, in the town of Saint-Avé.

And since then, the notoriety of the brand has continued to grow in the sports world.

Our strength is to always rely on in situ tests. But also and especially with athletes. They are the ones who create the need; those who are able to tell us if our products correspond to what they are looking for.

Frederique de Saint-Ouen

Athletes, often of high level, who also serve as their ambassadors. This is the case, for example, of a certain Francois D’Haene, world famous trail runner, quadruple winner of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB). Or Sébastien Chaigneau, another trail runner specializing in long distances.

Listening to athletes

Gels, jellies, bars, the company is constantly innovating to best adapt to the evolution of sports practices. With three fields of action: before, during and after exercise.

Videos: currently on Actu

Be careful, you will not run faster with our food supplements! “Warns the boss.

Nutrition is one of the parameters that will allow the athlete to be better supported in his efforts. Our products, organic (since 2008) and even vegan for some, must provide better well-being in sports.

And it is sometimes the small detail that will allow the sportsman to go to the end of his challenge.

Overstim.s even goes so far as to concoct a nutritional program for those who wish to embark on a marathon. Obviously from only his creations.

In terms ofinnovation moreover, the best example is still that of the last two years with the appearance of Covid. “Cyclists like runners no longer had the opportunity to practice outside. They focused their activity on muscle building and sheathing. From there, we focused our research on a new product suitable for these practical exercises”.

“We are also working very hard on products that facilitate recovery “. A step that was often secondary in the minds of athletes in the past.

“We have no right to be wrong”

Supplements for increase your energy reservesothers to manage the wait before the start of the race, others to manage your effort over a long distancethe range is constantly enriched with the search also for new aromas.

Today, the SME operates with around forty employees. Very present at major sporting events such as the Paris half-marathon, the Boulogne-Billancourt half-marathon or even the 20 kilometers of Paris – around a hundred events a year – Overstim.s has now largely found its place in an environment where poor performance is often banned . “We have to have products that work, otherwise it’s not forgiving,” says Frédérique de Saint Ouen.

The “Coup de roue” gels are a flagship product at Overtim’s. ©Paul Foulonneau / 3SO The Agency

The brand is even known across borders since 20% of production goes straight for export, mainly to the overseas departments and regions but also to Hong Kong, or even to Switzerland, Belgium, Spain or Luxembourg.

“We market our products through 1,200 retailers throughout France. But also from our merchant site on the internet”. The biggest distributors like Go Sport, Endurance Shop or I-Run (web) also trust the Overstim brand. s

Tomorrow health sport

Nothing seems to stop this small family business that hides behind a solid brand of sports nutrition. Slowly but surely, without making a sound, the entity is fully aware that sport is evolving, but that it is still essential in people’s lives. ” Health sport, well-being sport is taking up more and more space and it’s a trend that fits perfectly with our business”. No doubt that Overstim. so its still good days ahead of it.

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