As part of the international marketing strategy for its OVE beauty mask, Lucibelle Paris, cosmetics subsidiary of the Lucibel group, announces that it has signed a partnership with the Constance Prince Maurice hotel.

Guests of this luxury hotel located in Mauritius will thus be able to benefit from cosmetic treatment protocols based on photobiomodulation by red LED light enabled by the OVE beauty mask.

For young skin, this mask offers immediate effectiveness on quality and imperfections (reduction of pore diameter, rebalancing of sebum and luminosity of the complexion).

For more mature skin, it allows an anti-aging action, which is reinforced over the sessions (smoothing of wrinkles, elasticity, density of volumes).

Beyond the partnership with DIOR announced on July 22 through which DIOR will deploy its OVE beauty mask in around thirty countries in January 2023, Lucibel wishes to strengthen its international presence in the most prestigious places in the world. , as illustrated by the signature of the partnership with the Constance Prince Maurice hotel.

Following this signature, Frédéric Granotier, founding President of Lucibel declared: “ The choice of the OVE beauty mask by this luxury hotel, which is among the most prestigious in Mauritius, is further recognition of the exceptional nature of our OVE beauty mask: exceptional both in terms of its aesthetics, which makes it a true work of art. ‘art, only by its unequaled performances at the world level. »

About the OVE beauty mask

In June 2021, Lucibelle Paris marketed this beauty mask with a contemporary design signed Olivier Lapidus and integrating the latest technological innovations developed by the Lucibel group.

OVE responds to an ambitious strategy: to offer an even simpler and more efficient experience for visible and lasting effects on the skin, thanks to photobiomodulation by LED light, a technology that stimulates the production of collagen, the protein responsible for firmness and elasticity of skin tissue.

With specific light intensities adapted to the different areas of the face, the OVE mask makes it possible to precisely target the areas to be treated, thus enhancing its effectiveness. Thanks to a sleek design and optimum ergonomics, the OVE mask becomes the essential accessory in the service of beauty, in just two 12-minute sessions per week.

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As a reminder, the OVE beauty mask and the other products in the Lucibelle Paris cosmetics range are offered with a 25% price discount to members of the Lucibel Shareholders’ Club.

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About Lucibel

Founded by Frédéric Granotier, LUCIBEL is a French company expert in LED technology, present in lighting for professionals (in particular in museum lighting through its subsidiary Processes Hallier) and in new applications enabled by LED beyond lighting.

The LUCIBEL group is notably a pioneer in the fields of cosmetics and well-being using LED light and internet access using light (LiFi).

LUCIBEL designs and manufactures its products in France and works closely with doctors recognized worldwide for their expertise on the impact of light on the skin or on the circadian rhythm.

Lucibel is listed on Euronext Growth Paris / Symbol: ALUCI / ISIN Code: FR0011884378

Lucibel is eligible for the PEA, PEA PME and FCPI

Contact Lucibel Shareholder relations

Séverine Jacquet – Financial Director / +33 (0)1 80 03 16 70






Offering innovative, effective and high quality cosmetic products and technologies is one of the ambitions of Constance Prince Maurice and Constance Spa. On Wednesday October 5, Constance Prince Maurice officially announced, during a cocktail in his princely villa, a brand partnership with Lucibel.le Paris for the OVE beauty mask. This mask is offered to customers who can now experience this flagship and unique product at Constance Spa.

“We are delighted to offer this new technology to our customers,” said Christophe Plantier, Director of Constance Prince Maurice. “Lucibel.le Paris is a brand that needs no introduction. It is certainly a valuable partnership for our institution. I am convinced that our customers will be delighted to be able to experience this innovative technology and discover its incredible benefits, especially since it is the latest mask in the range and the most powerful of its generation”.

The OVE beauty mask helps fight the effects of aging and promotes cell regeneration for radiantly beautiful skin with red LED light. The latter is known to reduce the depth of wrinkles, improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin, even out the complexion, reduce the diameter of pores, smooth the skin and regulate excess sebum.

Lucibel.le Paris, a subsidiary of the Lucibel group, is the leader in photobiomodulation using LED light.

The result of an original collaboration with fashion designer and designer Olivier Lapidus, the OVE beauty mask sublimates the skin according to the principle of LED photobiomodulation, an innovative technology with proven effectiveness.

“We are very happy that the OVE beauty mask has found its double setting: Le Constance Prince Maurice and the know-how of its staff. Customers will thus have the certainty of living an experience that is out of the ordinary and if I dared, out of time! » says Delphine de Conto, Commercial Director of the brand for the Indian Ocean.

The entire Constance Spa team, where well-being prevails, takes special care in identifying the client’s objectives and preferences for complete, deep and regenerative relaxation. She makes an appointment with her clients to introduce them to the OVE beauty mask and explain its use and benefits.

Designed for tranquility between lagoon and sea.

The Constance Prince Maurice located on the North-East coast of Mauritius, is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World group was designed in harmony with nature, between tropical gardens, mangrove lagoon and sea.

Accommodation includes 64 Junior Suites, 12 Family Suites (86 m2), 3 Lagoon Villas on stilts (130 m2), 9 Villas by the sea with private swimming pools and a Princely Villa of 350 m2. Constance Hotels and Resorts is a specialist in the Indian Ocean offering its guests unique experiences, with fly fishing in the private lagoon mangrove and access to the Constance Hotels two 18-hole championship golf courses , Legend and Links. Leisure activities include Spa Constance, an infinity pool, tennis and kite surfing courts. Three restaurants and four bars with the particularity of being floating and a renowned cellar.

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