Menstrual mask, dermaplanning… These 5 trends can be harmful to the skin, according to dermatologists

Menstrual mask, dermaplanning… These 5 trends can be harmful to the skin, according to dermatologists

TikTok is full of beauty tips of all kinds. But beware, some ‘hacks’ and trends can be harmful and damage your skin. Dermatologists are sounding the alarm on these tricks not to be reproduced.

If we find a lot of beauty advice on social networks, they are not all good to take. Many of these gadgets, techniques and products are promoted by people who are not necessarily skilled in skin care. There is good, fortunately, but also very bad. Remember that the videos only show a few seconds of life, you don’t know what happens once the camera is turned off. Today, it is even possible to add filters and retouch your skin, even if the hashtag #realskin finds more and more its public. In the American magazine pacedermatologists are questioning the dangers of 5 trends invading TikTok and the networks. We decipher you.

These 5 beauty tips spotted on TikTok are to be banned!

It should not be taken lightly tips all kinds present on the TikTok network. While most tips don’t cause any skin problems (at worst, they don’t), others may rush you to a dermatologist. Here are the 5 beauty hacks to avoid.

  1. Self-injecting fillers in the lips (or elsewhere!). Unfortunately, far too many young people have had this bad idea. The risks ? Cause infection, inflammation and scarring. To cure this error, it is necessary to treat with antibiotics in the best of the cases. Any act of aesthetic medicine must be carried out by a professional in a very sterile setting and with official products.
  2. Dermaplaning is not a game. Using a razor or surgical scalpel to shave the face gives the appearance of glowing skin. Indeed, the gesture removes dead skin, like a kind of mechanical exfoliation, and the result looks amazing. Except it’s better to pass in the hands of a professional otherwise you risk damaging your skin: inflamed bumps, acne, ingrown hairs, bacterial infections…
  3. Using lemon directly on the skin is dangerous. Many home skin care treatments are performed with this fruit. If it is good in the diet, it is not so when applied topically because its pH has a level of acidity that is far too high. It can be responsible for severe allergy, rash, inflammation of the skin, even burns…
  4. Know how to handle gua sha. On TikTok, this traditional Chinese method of massage and lymphatic drainage using a smooth stone is a real success. Except that again, this technique is not for everyone and people with certain skin conditions should avoid this trend: broken skin fibres, damaged deep tissue, dry skin, sagging skin, clogged pores… The risks can come from improper pressure of the gua sha on the skin or simply from too frequent use.
  5. The latest trend? Make a face mask out of her period blood. Needless to say, following this trend is a very bad idea, and it’s not just dermatologists who say so. Not to mention the really gory aspect of the thing, above all the period mask is not at all hygienic. On the skin side? If the blood itself is full of nutrients and stem cells, nothing says that it is beneficial for the skin. Red blood cells are even pro-inflammatory and would aggravate a skin problem. And we are not even talking about the fact that we could transmit microbes or viruses, such as herpes, directly to the epidermis.

Race results: to have beautiful skin, it is better to bet on tips and advice validated by beauty and skincare professionals.


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