The best BB creams in the test

The best BB creams in the test

In the jungle of BB creams, it is sometimes difficult to navigate! moisturizingplumping, smoothinganti-stain… we give you the keys to choosing the right BB cream.

Our selection of the 5 best BB creams

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Lightening: to say farewell to the gray mineit contains light-reflecting mineral pigments and a moisturizing duo of vegetable glycerin and aloe vera.

+ It’s a pleasure to apply it every morning: it glides under the fingers and leaves a sufficiently covering film to camouflage dark circles.

The dry skins adore him. We are impatiently awaiting a mattifying version to avoid oily skin to shine during the day.

Ocher Light BB Cream, La Provençale Bio, €10.50 (30 ml)

  • BB Perfect, 5 in 1 treatment, SPF 10, So’Bio Étic

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Plumping: For baby skin: 99% active ingredients of natural origin, including moisturizing organic hibiscus hydrosol, soothing bisabolol and rice powder anti-shine.

+ It combines naturalness and effectiveness: evens out the complexion, boosts radiancemoisturizes and smoothes the skin in an instant.

For those who like to be protected UV rays on a daily basis, its solar filter deserves to be higher.

BB Perfect, 5-in-1 treatment, SPF 10, So’Bio Étic, €14.23 (30 ml).

  • BB cream Source BB de Roses, Melvita

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The moisturizer: At the heart of its formula,damask rose water and polysaccharides to irrigate the skin, wild rose petal extract to stimulate circulation some water.

+ The skin prone to shine are all smiles. Thanks to natural pigments, they will be able to taste absolute mattness.

No time to enjoy its scent of rose and gourmet fruits because it vanishes almost as soon as it is applied…

BB cream Source BB de Roses, Melvita, 20,43€ (40 ml)

  • BB Cream, Corrective & Illuminating Cream, Qiriness

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Anti-stain: No question of displaying the slightest defect! She unifies the complexion and corrects dark spots thanks to the brightening action of sea lily.

+ Congratulations for his contribution hyaluronic acid of low molecular weight, which deeply hydrates the driest skin.

Even if it erases stains and stains perfectly well, rednessit has trouble hiding dilated pores.

BB Cream, Correcting & Illuminating Cream, Qiriness, €37.99 (40 ml)

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The straightener: With it, everything must disappear: pimples, redness, spots… this thanks to the action of white ginseng and niacinamide (vitamin B3) anti-blemish.

+ Bet won: sa high coverage creates a silky second skin. A release for the 6 million French women who suffer from imperfections.

Provide a two-phase make-up remover and a few additional cotton pads to erase this Stubborn BB cream.

BB cream Super BB with Ginseng, Erborian (40 ml). €19.90.

Tinted cream, BB or CC cream: which one to choose?

  • What are the benefits of tinted cream ?

Halfway between a moisturizer and a foundation, it brings a light coloring, but does not not cover up flaws. Easy to apply, it offers a simple and quick make-up routine.

  • What are the benefits of BB cream Where “Blemish Balm Cream“?

The secret weapon of this treatment originating from Korea: pigments that blur imperfections while letting the skin breathe. But not only… It is also extra to hydrate, unify the complexion and protect from UV. Treating, it also contains specific active ingredients such as regenerating hyaluronic acid.

  • The CC cream or “Color Control Cream”Who is it for ?

This corrective foundation invented in Korea hides pigments that adapt to each problem: mauve to erase the gray mine, yellow concealergreen antiredness and orange to boost good looks. Moisturizing, it also contains sun filters. Lighter than a BB cream, it is more suitable for skin with few imperfections.

Thanks to Stéphanie Feille, Skincare and Make-up Research & Development Innovation Manager at Léa Nature.

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