Beauty and African fashion at the “Tropics Business Summit 2022” with entrepreneur Christelle Kedi

Beauty and African fashion at the "Tropics Business Summit 2022" with entrepreneur Christelle Kedi

Consultant in artistic direction in the sectors of beauty and Afro-descendant fashion; Christelle Kedi took part in the Tropics Business Summit (TBS) 2022 in Praia as an associate of Vénicia Stelle Guinot, Executive President of the event.

The collaboration between Christelle Kedi and Vénicia Guinot, which certainly does not date from today, was an asset in favor of African fashion and beauty at the Tropics Business Summit (TBS) 2022.

“I have been working with Venicia Guinot since 2011. Beauty, fashion and lifestyle branding Africa as a new creative frontier was the theme of my panel”; revealed the author of essays on African aesthetics Christelle Kedi.

This year, the Cape Verde archipelago hosted the big business meeting (TBS) from October 10 to 15, 2022 in Praia on the theme “For a win-win cooperation to stimulate inclusive growth”.

A glimpse of Christelle Kedi

Of Cameroonian origin, Christelle Kedi was trained in the United Kingdom in make-up school and artistic university. Later, the make-up artist was graduated and awarded at Women 4 Africa 2012.

Today, Christelle is an outstanding consultant in mature beauty treatments.

As a trainer in the history of cosmetic practices in hairdressing school and a wellness activist; Christelle teaches the history of African aesthetics.

It should be noted that since 2007, she has been an entrepreneur in business creation consulting for the African and Afro-descendant market in beauty and fashion.

The Cameroonian is evolving internationally outside the spheres of sponsorship of cosmetics managers. She acquired a strong reputation in this field by offering simple and practical solutions for the improvement of each without the advertising aspect now inherent in many beauty consultants.

This pearl, has written several books on Africanity and African aesthetics. His latest book published by Anibwé editions is entitled ” 99 questions about African beauty”.

Essayist of African beauty, his previous works deal with the history of Afro-descendant beauty, mentioning Africa and the West Indies.

We should also remember that she is the initiator of events on beauty, mental and physical well-being through the choice of a specific diet and sexual and hormonal fulfillment.

For Christelle Kedi, the Tropics Business Summit 2022 was a very rewarding experience. She said she had great encounters with entrepreneurs and professionals from all over Africa. Through this business meeting, she says she made conclusive pitches and expanded her network while keeping very good memories. With regard to this sixth edition of the Tropics Business Summit, Christelle attests that it is important to continue in this launch in order to develop the business world in Africa.


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