Dyson will spend more than $570 million to develop new technologies and products in its beauty line.

Dyson will spend more than $570 million to develop new technologies and products in its beauty line.

Paris, Oct. 25 (Benin News / EP) –

Dyson announced that it will spend £500 million (approximately €576 million at current exchange rates) to expand and accelerate its research and development of technologies for its beauty products.

The company confirmed its short-term plans on Tuesday, saying it plans to launch 20 new products in the line over the next four years.

The manufacturer highlighted the launch, six years ago, of the Dyson Supersonic, a hair dryer that uses fast airflowand smart heat control to dry hair and keep it healthy and strong, as reported in a press release sent to Europa Press.

Since that launch, Dyson has developed a range of styling tools which limit exposure to extreme heat and minimize thermal, mechanical and chemical damage to the hair.

The company has insisted that it is focusing its efforts on promoting research as a primary business objective through its four technology campuses, which are spread across some of the company’s most important areas. business activity. 6,000 engineers and scientists.

In order to understand the behavior of all hair types and to continue to identify better and healthier ways to style it, Dyson uses tools such as scanning electron microscopes, thermal cameras and hair analysis machines . air flow study machines with smoke and lasers.

The company believes that for too long the performance of styling tools has been ignored to save hair from heat damage from blow dryers, curling irons or straighteners, so it’s will be investing £500m in new labs dedicated to understanding hair types and the damage they can suffer.

In addition, she has also published the results of a study hair study she recently conducted, which she will use to create products that are sure to maintain healthy hair over time, regardless of hair type.

The report studies hair health, hair opinions and styling habits in 23 markets, with a total sample of 23,000 respondents. These assessments allowed brand engineers to understand the real needs and frustrations of users.

Dyson scientist Rob Smith said: “The best way to healthy hair is to prevention and reduction of exposure to the causes of the damage. This includes extreme heat, which weakens it and makes it more susceptible to breakage and split ends,” according to the document.

Among the key findings, Dyson highlighted that 67% of survey participants say their hair is healthybut do not meet these conditions and are in fact damaged, while seven out of ten people admit that their hair is damaged, citing dandruff, hair loss and graying as their main concerns.

Despite the impression they give to users, these three hair problems do not actually mean that the hair is damaged, as the company points out. Despite this, respondents identify healthy hair with characteristics such as shine and softness.

The company reminds us that good hair care does not only depend on elements such as hair dryers, straighteners or curling ironsbut also products that are used, such as shampoos, masks or softeners (which must be adapted to the conditions of each type of hair).

In addition to the hair dryer Dyson Supersonicthe company offers two products for daily hair care, such as the multifunctional styler Dyson Airwrap and the Dyson Corrale iron.

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