Nora Hamzawi: her 10 well-being and beauty essentials

Nora Hamzawi: her 10 well-being and beauty essentials

Back with sound New Show at the Théâtre de l’Atelier*, in Paris, theauthor, comedian and actress Nora Hamzawi continues to pin down the era with her questions as a young woman surprised to be already in her thirties. Maternity, couple crises, social and sexual fulfillment or his obsession with “Instagram Girls”… she dissects her neuroses with self-mockery and amusement to ultimately help us better accept ours. Columnist spent at France Inter then at large newspaper and at Daily of Yann Barthesauthor of a hilarious book (Ten years of therapy) and several one-woman shows, the comedian already has a solid career behind her. As with her caustic humour, she relieves the guilt of the women of her generation, we wanted to have his gaze on beauty

1. Her skincare routine

“Almost every morning, I apply SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic serum and Densitium Rose Éclat SVR cream.

In the evening I remove my make-up with Avène Tolérance Gel Cleansing Lotion, and if I have pimples I use the La Roche-Posay Serozinc mist sprayer.

Then I put the HA Intensifier serum from SkinCeuticals, then the anti-aging smoothing treatment Stim Renew 15 from Eneomey.

Once a fortnight, I alternate between different masks and scrubs, at the moment I’m trying the one from Rihanna’s brand Cookies N Clean Fenty, the material amuses me a lot. If I go out, I do a Dr. Jart+ Yellow Vitamin Brightening Mask. But I’m still looking for the miracle facelift mask for one night! »

2. Her body treatment

“For the body, I alternate with Kiehl’s coriander shower gel, Diptyque Eau des Sens shower oil when I’m wearing the perfume, and Lipikar shower oil from La Roche-Posay. I never hydrate my body except in summer, I try hard but I’m really lazy! »

3. His lip and hand care

“I don’t pay enough attention to my hands. For the lips, I use Cicaplast from La Roche-Posay several times a day, and sometimes at night, or during the day I do the Cica Natura chapped lip mask from Sanoflore. I also really like the Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden, it reminds me of my teenage years…”

4. Her favorite perfume

“For a long time I wore the iconic 90’s, Angel by Thierry Mugler, then CK One by Calvin Klein, then Mon Premier Parfum by Lolita Lempicka… Then, as an adult, it was impossible to find a scent that I attached to the same way. But now I alternate each season with Ditpyque perfumes: in summer, Eau des Sens (especially the perfume for hair that I adore), in spring, Fleur de Peau, and in winter, Eau Duelle whose vanilla scent is similar to most precisely of my adolescent memories. Sometimes, when I feel like nothing, I just put on a little Bonton perfume, it smells clean! »

5. Her hair ritual

“I love Davines shampoos, especially the Replumping Shampoo range, which coats and redensifies the hair. I alternate between this and the clean-smelling Well Being Shampoo and baby products. I’m a fan of the smell. I also love Khiel’s Amino Acid Shampoo which smells good of coconut. Afterwards, I admit, when I have nothing left, I use Mixa Bébé and it suits me very well! »

6. Her beauty obsession

“I’m crazy about makeup tutorials, I think I almost have a mental problem with it. I can watch it for hours. Those of Violette FR on Instagram fascinate me, she created her own brand, just like Gucci Westman which I also watch, or Vincent Ford for Nars… but there I am currently in rehab! »

7. Her make-up desires

“For foundation, I alternate between a Glossier and Dior Backstage foundation. Then, I always apply a bit of the Yves Saint Laurent touch of radiance. And for blush, I’m totally obsessed with Westman Atelier’s Baby Cheeks sticks: right now I’m using Dou Dou color, but I’m also using her bronzer and Nude palette. I am a fan of his products which give a healthy look to the skin.

In summer, I try to wear nothing except sunscreen, I really like SVR – the highest indexes -, or La Roche-Posay, especially when it’s sprayable and I’m too lazy to spread it !

On stage, I do as I do in life, making my eyes more brown, I like the Nars palettes: the matte browns, and the Blush Séduction or Blush Orgasm.

I have a golden rule: as little foundation as possible, otherwise with my freckles, I can quickly turn greyish, Uncle Fetid style!
Otherwise, I don’t have a favorite mascara, at the moment I like the black Volume Disturbia by Givenchy.

On the lip side, I use the Les Nudes palette by Westman Atelier, Belle de jour pencil by Nars, and I absolutely want to try a Nude pencil by Charlotte Tillbury, but it was out of stock the last two times I tried…

Recently I tried Violette FR’s Bisou Balm in Calisson, it has a super discreet velvet matte side that I really like. »

8. Her fitness tips

“I do Pilates on a machine at Studio Reformation, in the Marais, in Paris. My coach, Sia, is a model of rigor and patience! I also have an exercise bike and when I’m not using it as a coat rack, I try to do 40 minutes of it once or twice a week. But now, it’s been a coat rack for two months…”

9. His diet

“I alternate between discipline and just about anything. Basically, I mostly try to rely on my digestion and my intolerances. I can’t tolerate gluten, and dairy products, (I have the very sexy irritable bowel syndrome), but that doesn’t stop me from eating pasta once in a while, or a pizza once in a while. time. The reality is that it hurts my stomach, which forces me to be careful… Afterwards, I cook a lot, so no processed products, everything rather fresh and healthy…”

10. Her anti-stress trick

“The Diptyque Feux de Bois candle. French fries. A good glass of Burgundy. Otherwise a plantar reflexology at Doctor Tran, boulevard Malesherbes, in Paris. »

*Until October 29, extensions in January and February, on tour throughout France.

Photo credits: Alexandre Isard

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