PHOTOS – Trendy gray hair: what color to enhance it?

PHOTOS – Trendy gray hair: what color to enhance it?

Your hair is covered with white hair? It’s time to succumb to the silver hair trend! Discover our tips for a successful result.

And if, like Letizia from Spain, you proudly assume your hair which whitens over the years? Gwyneth Paltrow, Eva Longoria, Katie Holmes…many stars are flaunting their gray hair, sending a positive message of self-acceptance despite the passage of time. No need to rush into coloring as soon as the first silver threads appear on your hair: you have no reason to hide them.

In recent years, white hair has become so trendy that many young people ask their hairdresser for “silver hair”. On the program, intensive bleaching followed by silver-gray, even downright white coloring. So, whether it’s your natural color or the result of a visit to the hairdresser, here are our tips for sublimated gray hair!

How to sublimate naturally gray hair?

If your hair is gradually whitening, you can start with cut to avoid the too sharp demarcation between your original color and your white roots. It is often said that gray or white hair is more enhanced by a short cut like that of Charlene of Monaco for example. Worn longer, they tend to harden facial features. So maybe it’s time to change your look by opting for a slightly layered cut that will bring life to your hair! To better experience this transition, you can also ask your hairdresser for a scan. This will create light in your hair and blur the contrast between your new white locks and the rest of your hair.

Caring for naturally white hair: instructions for use

Hair changes texture as it whitens. They tend to become rougher, more brittle. It is therefore important to feed them with a special mask or an oil bath once or twice a week. It will strengthen them. You also have to take care of their color… if you dream of hair as dazzlingly white as Alexandra Grant’s, you’ll have to choose your cosmetics carefully. Opt for a anti-yellowing shampoo which will sublimate your white and prevent it from yellowing under the effects of oxidation. Don’t wash your hair more than three times a week and avoid as much as possible heating devices such as straighteners and hair dryers: they weaken the hair fiber. If you expose yourself to the sun, consider applying a protective, anti-UV product beforehand.

“Silver” coloring: who is it suitable for?

So that brown or even blonde hair turn silver, you have to go through the discoloration box. If the hair is too dark, it is necessary to bleach several times until all the pigments are removed and to prevent the hair from being too yellow… it takes time and it takes absolutely entrust the operation to a professional, under penalty of degrading the quality of the hair. In itself, this silver color can be suitable for all hair types, but it is easier to achieve on light hair.

What care should be taken for bleached white/gray hair?

Bleached hair has been weakened, special care must therefore be taken. Try to space out the shampoos as much as possible, because by washing them you solicit the hair fiber and you risk tarnishing your beautiful color because of the limestone present in the water. When you wash your hair, turn to suitable products. Designed especially for colored hair, they will allow the color to keep its shine longer. Also remember to make at least one nourishing mask per weekyou can even concoct it yourself with cottage cheese, honey and vegetable oil (coconut, sweet almond, olive…).


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