“The gaze of others does not matter!”

“The gaze of others does not matter!”

Paris here : How do you view beauty?

Anais Grangerac : The important thing is to please yourself first. Whether it involves make-up, care, clothing, an attitude, it doesn’t matter! The main thing is to feel good about yourself, the eyes of others do not matter.

Exactly, do you attach importance to appearance?

Having an image business, it would be lying to say no. As much as I can be prepared for filming, as much as I can not wear makeup for the weekend or on vacation. I’m not one to look at myself in the mirror. I like to feel beautiful, but I don’t need to be on top all the time to be fulfilled!

“I am proud of my crossbreeding”

Your daily beauty routine?

In the morning, I clean my face with cool water to remove the sebum of the night and I drink a large glass of water. At night, I spray some ylang-ylang pillow mist and sleep on my silk pillowcase from my capsule collection with Benu Blanc. It’s my best ally for the night, for the face as well as for the hair.

By the way, how did this collaboration with Benu Blanc come about?

Having mixed hair, I have always been sensitive to the texture of my pillow so as not to dry out or break my curls overnight. When I discovered Benu Blanc a few years ago, I fell in love.

What are your charm assets and your small flaws?

I take great care of my hair, which has become a strength and a signature. I am proud of my interbreeding and I think it also makes me rich. Side defects, my skin tends to have brown spots when summer comes. I fade them with an anti-stain sunscreen, and it works very well.

In your opinion, what is the misstep not to commit in aesthetics?

I’m of the opinion that everyone does what they want, but if I really have to advise against anything, it’s not to force too much on makeup, especially foundation, especially if it’s not not suitable for our skin color. It is also difficult to find the perfect shade, so do not hesitate to seek advice from a pro.

“Silk is my best ally for the night”

The most beautiful cosmetic invention according to you?

Mascara and eyebrow pencil. For me, the look is really everything. I can go out without foundation or lipstick, hair up in a bun, but if I have mascara and a pencil that outlines my eyebrows, I feel good.

The beauty gesture that you tend to skip?

Moisturize my skin regularly with a cream. I am a very bad student and I often have crocodile skin.

A secret after a short night?

For my part, a good sports session like crossfit: I feel so much better after training… A big glass of lemon water and it starts again!

And after a good meal?

Sleeping… I often finish a good meal with a coffee, it helps to prolong the pleasure and stay a little longer chatting in a nice setting.

“I often have the crocodile skin effect”

What part of your body do you train the most?

My hair, without hesitation! It took me a while to tame them and today I’m lucky to be surrounded by real pros, on set and at home.

Are you a “vernista”?

No way ! My nails are quite fragile, I stopped wearing nail polish during my pregnancy and have only put on very little since. In summer, on the other hand, I put everything on the feet, with a color that goes well with the tan. This year, I opted for neon orange.

What do you highlight?

My eyes, my legs or my mouth. In the last case, I opt for a fiery but still matte red.

Are you loyal to the products or rather the type to test everything?

A bit of both. I like to keep a good base with fans, but I alternate with novelties. Recently, I discovered the Codage brand, a family business based on custom-made cosmetology. I really like the finesse of their products.

What product have you never been unfaithful to?

My perfume, even if as I get older I use perfume less and less. I’ve worn the same one since high school. I don’t like to change it and it is also valid for my relatives. I associate smells a lot with people so it disturbs me when they no longer have the same one.

A product that has revolutionized your life?

It’s not so much a product, but rather a person: my hairdresser, at Niwel. I was 15 and she finally taught me how to take care of my hair. It has radically changed the way I deal with them, and therefore to assume them.

Your secrets for keeping in shape and on the line?

A good balance. I am a real epicurean and I never refuse a generous charcuterie board with good wine. But between these small pleasures, I try to be careful during the week. I cook every day, I never buy ready meals and I’m a real salty eater, which saves me from cracking up on sweets. And I practice several sports sessions a week to feel good. But most of the time, I leave myself alone because life is too short to feel guilty with each gluttony.

Are you obsessed with the scale?

Absolutely not ! I watched my weight a bit after I gave birth but since then I refer more to my figure in the mirror and my jeans than to a number that means nothing.

Do you have any luxury?

I love giving myself a good massage from time to time, it does me a world of good! I love being pampered in a beautiful place to disconnect and feel pampered. But I don’t do it enough…

“Life is too short to feel guilty for every treat”

The opinion of my friends, the effectiveness and, of course, the packaging which plays a huge role for me because I like pretty products that can decorate my bathroom. This is why, with Benu Blanc, we worked a lot on the appearance of our Nuit de Soie. It is a real box.

What criteria do you use to buy a product?

The opinion of my friends, the effectiveness and, of course, the packaging which plays a huge role for me because I like pretty products that can decorate my bathroom. This is why, with Benu Blanc, we worked a lot on the appearance of our Nuit de Soie. It’s a real box

How do you behave in the face of the sun?

I put index 50 on the face and on the body at the beginning of the summer then I go to 30 but I never expose myself without sunscreen, I renew it often, and I drink a lot of water.

Your Proust madeleine on the beauty side?

I am an unconditional fan of everything that comes close to monoi, tiare flower, in short, the scent of the islands.

Are you afraid of wrinkles?

No, maybe because I’m lucky not to have many at the moment. I accept and live very well the appearance of my white hair, which began to grow at the age of 20. I don’t use any anti-aging cream in particular, a moisturizer is enough. As for the surgery, it’s very personal. If you feel really bad about yourself and mental work is not enough, everyone is free to do what they want.


  • Chance eau de toilette, Chanel


  • Clairial Day Evening Concealer, SVR
  • Hydra-Essentiel thirst-quenching cream; Invisible sun stick SPF50, Clarins
  • Cleansing balm, Coding
  • Exfoliating silk cocoons, Benu Blanc


  • After Sun Soothing Balm
  • Tonic Moisturizing Balm-Oil, Clarins
  • Silk Night, Benu Blanc
  • So Frizz Nourishing Shampoo; Nourishing oil bath; Mousse holding curls So Curl, Niwel


  • Mascara Coup de Théâtre Volume Glamor
  • Velvet Ink Fushia Cha Cha Lip Stain, Bourjois
  • Eyebrow pencil, Mi-Rê Cosmetics

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