VIDEO Marilyn Monroe: the icon inspires a beauty trend that brings Hollywood glam up to date

VIDEO Marilyn Monroe: the icon inspires a beauty trend that brings Hollywood glam up to date

The film Blonde hair on Netflix inspired by the life of Marilyn Monroe is at the origin of a new beauty trend that is coming to the fore Monroecore. Here’s how to get the look.

With the release of the film Blonde hair, the fifties saw a resurgence in popularity in the world of beauty. At the same time, how can you resist the desirable Hollywood glam look? And who better than Marilyn Monroe to perfectly represent the codes of this era? This is why since the release of the film on Netflix (for which Ana de Armas transformed herself wonderfully into Marilyn), old-fashioned beauty features are back in style. This is the origin of the Monroecore trend.

Makeup: what are the beauty codes inspired by Marilyn Monroe?

Marilyn Monroe is recognizable by her curly blond square, her red lips, her long eyelashes and her cult mole. Today, her iconic makeover inspires beauty addicts. The latter seek to reproduce her rosy complexion and her truly glamorous look. To replicate the Monroecore beauty trend, a few tips can help.

The secret to Marilyn Monroe’s pretty, fresh complexion is to apply a good moisturizing primer before foundation. Thanks to this product, the skin is supple and, therefore, luminous and smooth. About the lips, choose a shade similar to that of Marilyn Monroe, a bright red, very pigmented. Selena Gomez’s label, Rare Beauty, has a perfect cream matte lipstick titled Bright red. To sport a cat’s eye identical to that of the iconic actress, bring a fine-tipped eyeliner to draw the line. Marilyn Monroe also bewitched with these long eyelashes. Use a volumizing mascara or, for even more glam, false eyelashes? Finally, complete your beauty glam with the final touch by adding a mole on your left cheek with a black pencil.

Marilyn Monroe: how to reproduce her Hollywood curls?

The hair look of Marilyn Monroe has been admired for decades. Always perfectly styled, the diva wore the most beautiful Hollywood curls of the time. The best solution is to use rollers on slightly damp hair. Leave on for several hours before removing them. A fine comb will slightly break up the beautiful curls, while a boar bristle brush helps to enhance the styling. A coat of hairspray is done!


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