Football news of the day: secret bonus Ronaldo, Domenech does not understand Zidane, Iniesta’s pillow wife, Haaland’s orange glasses

Erling Haaland

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How, why headbutt in the World Cup final? Zinedine Zidane’s gesture on this day in July 2006, Raymond Domenech still does not understand it. He was then on the bench, as a coach. “What happened was like when there’s a plane crashing, little things adding up. (…) You don’t have to change a lot of things. What happened was a disaster, and it’s not really explained. Before, there was no problem, the team was fine, everything was fine. No one can say exactly why this happened,” he told Olé newspaper.

Cristiano Ronaldo left Juve in the summer of 2021 for Manchester United. But he did not leave empty-handed. The Italian club is suspected of having falsified its accounts and of having engaged in questionable transfers, by overvaluing them. Through telephone tapping during the investigation launched by the Turin public prosecutor’s office, a document concerning Cristiano Ronaldo was brought to light. There would thus be a “paper” on Ronaldo, which Juventus wanted to keep secret. According to La Gazzetta dello sport, this document specifies that the club had to pay 19.9 million euros to the Portuguese international in the event of departure. But this payment was not recorded in the balance sheet. Did Cristiano Ronaldo receive this amount?

Iniesta talks about his depression

Andres Iniesta recounts his depression for the first time. An evil that he has been dragging for many years, he who now plays at Vissel Kobe in Japan. “I kissed my wife, but it felt like kissing a pillow. You don’t feel anything.” “I always go to therapy because I have to be at peace with myself. I love listening to professionals who talk about mental health and depression. You say to yourself: it’s not me. It’s your body, but you have no life, no joy and no energy”. “After all, life teaches you that depression and mental health can affect anyone. It’s not about material things. I could have had all the cars in the world and everything I wanted, and it’s still hard to deal with life’s problems,” he said.

Liver, heart, lasagna and sleep: Haaland leaves nothing to chance

Day after day, we learn a little more about Erling Haaland’s lifestyle. No night out, no gap. The Norwegian well deserves his nickname of Cyborg. The Daily Mail points out that the player goes to bed every night around 10 p.m. So far, nothing very abnormal for an athlete, but then we learn that hours before sleeping, he wears glasses with orange tinted windows, with lenses supposed to filter blue light, to protect his eyes from screens. He also completely turns off his smartphone. At his side, for sleeping, an Oura Ring, a one-finger sleep monitor. This device controls the quality of his sleep, but also his temperature, his blood pressure or his heart rate.

But Erling Haaland eats just as well… and a lot. Up to 6000 calories per day (on average, the human body needs 2000 to 2500 calories per day). In his documentary Haaland: The Big Decision, the player also revealed that he eats… heart and liver. “You (other people) don’t eat this, but I’m concerned about taking care of my body. I think eating quality food, as local as possible, is most important,” he explains, in a Daily Mail transcript. Erling Haaland also does not drink anything. “I also started filtering my water a bit. I think it can have great benefits for my body. And the first thing I do in the morning is to have a little sunshine in my eyes”. And there’s also papa Haaland’s magic lasagna.

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