How to make a beauty routine?

Comment se faire une routine beauté?

New to skincare? Do you already have a routine in place but want to switch to natural products?

Whatever your reason for reverting to skincare, choosing new products and developing a routine can be daunting – where do you start?

We’ve created this skincare guide to answer your most frequently asked questions to help you craft your new beauty routine, from moisturizing your skin to putting the finishing touches on your skin. organic eye pencil applied.

What is your skin type?

The first step to creating the best routine for your skin is determining what it needs. The ideal skincare routine is one that focuses on the long-term health of your skin – a routine that aims to balance your skin’s function and regulate it so it’s neither oily nor dry.

What skin care products do you need?

Skin needs differ from person to person, but there are basic products that everyone can use daily:

  • cleaner
  • Oil or serum
  • moisturizing
  • Solar cream

The cleansers, serums, oils, and moisturizers you choose depend on your skin type. Don’t forget to refer to point 1 if you’re not sure what your skin needs!

Depending on your skin type and lifestyle, you can also use the following products on a daily basis:

  • Oil cleanser/makeup remover (use at night if you wear makeup daily)
  • Toning (if your skin is particularly oily, either all over the body or in specific areas)
  • Eye cream (non-negotiable for people with mature skin, but a good idea to start early as a preventive treatment for aging).
  • A product to remove spots and blemishes (have on hand if you tend to get breakouts).

How to apply your skincare products?

Before we get into the exact order in which you should apply your morning and night products, there’s a tip you should know: When in doubt, start with the thinnest, most runny (watery) consistency, then move on to the thicker. Cleansing and makeup removal should always come first, as your skin needs to be clean to be able to absorb the products that follow. You can then apply this rule for successful skincare!

It’s also important to wait a minute before moving on to the next step to allow your skin to absorb all the goodness!

To make it easier for you, here’s how you should go about your new daily skincare routine.


  • Clean
  • Use toner (optional)
  • Use a serum or oil
  • Use eye cream
  • Hydrate
  • Apply your sunscreen
  • Make-up (if you wear it)


  • Take off your makeup (optional)
  • Exfoliation (twice a week)
  • Make a mask (twice a week)
  • Use a toning lotion (optional)
  • Use a serum or oil
  • Use eye cream
  • Moisturize your skin or use a richer night cream
  • Use blackhead treatment if needed

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