Jason Momoa: how to have a buttocks as muscular and plump as that of the actor of Aquaman?

Jason Momoa: how to have a buttocks as muscular and plump as that of the actor of Aquaman?

Jason Momoa knew very well what he was doing when he posted a video on Instagram on October 23 after returning from his Sunday boat trip. In the middle of a fishing trip, he appears half-naked against the wind, simply dressed in a very low-cut traditional Hawaiian garment, which offers us a privileged view of his muscular and well-rounded buttocks. It was enough for the brief excerpt to go around the Internet. If it was above all a question for the star of Aquaman to make his fans aware of a cause that is close to his heart, namely single-use plastics, it must be recognized that this is not necessarily what we will remember from this publication.

To tell the truth, now that these images haunt our thoughts, if it is not necessarily a question of sexualizing, nor of fetishizing the buttocks of the 43-year-old actor, we cannot however help but envy him this posterior of compet’ and we wonder how we could manage to compete with this one.

How to have rounded buttocks like Jason Momoa?

We first think of sport, we know Jason Momoa’s passion for boxing and climbingtwo activities that certainly allow him to work his lower body.

Otherwise nothing better than squats to solicit the gluteus maximus, while using a large number of other muscles: abs, back, through the thighs…

Another exercise recommended to carve rounded buttocks in reinforced concrete: deadlift or kettlebell swing. Quite technical, they still require to be accompanied by a coach at least during the first sessions, especially if you are not already experienced. Be careful never to exceed the equivalent of your body weight, otherwise you risk seriously injuring yourself.

Before, during and after the shower, we also strive to take care of our buttocks by performing scrubs that will erase cellulite and eliminate dead cells. The secret would be to finish with a jet of cold water which would firm up the tissues.

Another trick acclaimed by beautystas for very soft buttocks, divert the use of a AHA toner by applying it to her butt, rather than her face, to say goodbye to small pimples, scars or unsightly spots.

To go even further, some brands squarely market fabric masks for the buttocks, in order to hydrate them, smooth them or even enhance them.

Pampering your posterior also involves food. On your plate, you are therefore full of proteins that are found in large quantities in fish, in white meats, in eggs or in certain vegetable alternatives. Not to mention fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, we avoid saturated fats which promote the storage of fat and which make the buttocks all flabby. And don’t get me wrong, while eating junk food or cooked meals on a regular basis may guarantee you bigger buttocks, it won’t help make them firmer.

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