Trending makeup trends for Halloween

Palette maquillage

Soon the time to slip into the skin of his favorite monster. Forget scars and gashes, Halloween also knows how to be glamorous. Here are two makeup trends that have caused a stir on social media. So you’re tempted to be appallingly beautiful for October 31st?

Directly inspired by the Twilight saga, the vampire skin replicates the glittering skin of our damned heroes. And it’s been the buzz on Tiktok for several days, thanks to makeup artist @imonaugust by sharing a tutorial on his account, viewed more than 1 million times. An inspiration that also echoes the shows of Vivienne Westwood and Elie Saab during Fashion Week.

How to reproduce the “Vampire skin”?

In theory, nothing could be simpler. Take your foundation and your glitter, then mix everything with a brush! In this case, the Mac Studio Fix foundation is used here, with a glitter shadow from Urban Decay, a glitter shadow palette from Nabla and a liquid highlighter from the brand made By Mitchell.

Obviously, certain steps must be followed before you spread glitter. First prepare your skin with your usual skincare routine, ending with the application of a suitable cream. When the skin has absorbed the excess well, you can also apply a foundation base which allows the make-up to adhere well. It is then a question of depositing a dab of foundation on the back of your hand with your highlighter or your liquid glitter that you will mix with a brush or your fingers. Then apply the texture starting with the T-zone and stretching to the edges of the face contour.

The final touch: a veil of glitter on the light areas of the face, namely the line of the nose, the cheekbones, the chin, the temples and the eyebrow arch. So dab with the appropriate brush your powder highlighter or a very luminous glitter blush.

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Hailey Bieber’s bloody look

Among the plethora of makeup trends inspired by the Halloween party that we see circulating on social networks, Hailey Bieber has once again set the tone… Red of course! The influencer, supermodel and businesswoman following the launch of her skincare brand Rhodessported on Tiktok and Instagram a look as sexy as bloody. Sacred “Queen of Halloween” by her followersthese features are enhanced by a sensual carmine red.

The makeover is done by American makeup artist Leah Darcy. The colorimetry is at the heart of the maneuver: we stay in similar shades, between carmine red and burgundy, so as not to turn clownish (unless this is the desired effect). Start by doing your usual complexion, with well hydrated skin and a glowy finish. A touch of bright blush on the cheekbones, which you can reuse on the dome of the eyelids. Using a highlither or golden eyeshadow, apply a thin veil to the hollows of the eyes and to the level of the lower lashes with your finger. And a touch of mascara, that goes without saying!

Finally, the centerpiece: a luscious and glossy mouth. With a burgundy pencil, draw the outline of the lips. Tap the inside with a rouge in the same tone. Then, finish with a transparent gloss. To push the concept even further, the wig is a must!

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