Classic foundation: Are there other alternatives?

Alternatives au fond de teint classique

The application of foundation is an important step not to skip for flawless makeup. Sporting a radiant and light complexion without this must-have cosmetic is now possible thanks to a few alternatives. For a perfect complexion, a tinted cream or powder will be your best beauty ally!

Many women dream of the perfect complexion, without imperfections or makeup. In the absence of the classic foundation, there are in particular products with light textures and easy to apply. Among the preferred alternatives of the fairer sex, you have the tinted cream, the powder or the concealer. Many have understood that these cosmetics bring real benefits to the skin of the face.

How to have beautiful skin without foundation naturally?

A flawless complexion is possible even without several layers of foundation! Say goodbye to enlarged pores, acne and redness with these 3 natural methods.

Thoroughly cleanse your skin

The skin is subjected to all sorts of external aggressions which greatly weaken it. To restore a luminous complexion, cleanse your face morning and evening. A careful and respectful cleansing will leave the skin clearer, more beautiful and healthier.

Hydrate your skin morning and evening

Properly moisturize the skin restores all of its suppleness and protects it from skin ageing. And as the basis of all care routine, a moisturizer can do small wonders. Its action will notably maintain the texture and elasticity of your skin throughout the day.

Do facial massages

The key for a beautiful skinis to do facial massages. This beauty gesture only takes a few minutes and helps to promote blood circulation and boost cellular activity. After applying serum or moisturizermake circular movements.

complexion beautifier

Fluid, light and comfortable, the complexion enhancer offers a rendered natureI. Presented in the form of a fluid rich in reflective agents, the product brings a touch of light to the face. Concretely, for those who like glowing complexions, this cosmetic is your beauty ally. The complexion enhancer allows easy application by melting on the skin and thus covers all areas of the face.

Alternative to foundation: Nude powder

The nude powder can also replace the classic foundation. Concretely, the product provides long-lasting coverage and unified skin with a matte finish. In short, the powder makes it possible to boost hydration and gives your skin a little pep. For women who are short on time, know that in a single gesture, the cosmetic blurs all your flaws. Apply it to blemish-prone areas for stunning results.

CC cream

An excellent alternative to foundation that tends to cover the skin too much, CC cream is ideal. Presented in the form of cream, it has a complexion-unifying function. Its texture is intended to be light and has moisturizing and soothing properties. The CC cream delivers an instant result on the make-up side and gives your face a natural and corrected finish. This cosmetic product is perfect for a quick and effective routine!

BB cream is a great alternative to foundation

Present in the cosmetics section, the BB cream is the miracle product that has revolutionized the beauty routines of many women. With its fluid texture, it unifies the complexion, corrects imperfections and gives radiance to the skin. It is the ally of all those who want protection against the sun and pollution.

The DD cream

For a velvety and silky effect, the DD cream is ideal. The cosmetic allows women to wear makeup while having beautiful skin in a single gesture. Its complete formula will protect against dehydration and also reduce the appearance of pores. It offers a sun protection index and represents a real protective barrier for the skin and its cells.

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