Elle Fanning’s beauty interview – Marie Claire

Elle Fanning's beauty interview - Marie Claire

She is only 24 years old, but has been touring for two decades already for the greatest. Ambassador of Paco Rabanne’s new Fame perfume, the American evokes with us the relationship she has with her body as an actress, her idea of ​​a powerful femininity, and gives us her beauty essentials.

Marie Claire : What time do you get up in the morning?

Elle Fanning: Around 5 a.m. if I’m filming. Otherwise it would probably be 9am.

Do you go out without makeup?

It happens to me but I like to put mascara, blush, lip balm, draw some fake freckles and add touches of illuminator to give me some glow, life and a good look. health. I do my makeup mostly for myself and this little moment of tranquility in front of the mirror gives me real pleasure.

Your green beauty gestures?

I do the best I can even if I can’t deprive myself of a bath in the evening. As my skin is very pale, ultra-sensitive and prone to eczema, I favor natural cosmetics. On film sets, we have banned plastic bottles. And I mainly dress in vintage thrift shops.

Do you play sports ?

Like all members of my family, I love sports and am very athletic. They were all professional. My mother played tennis, my father baseball, my grandfather football for the National Football League. I did volleyball at school, then classical dance before practicing boxing. Since I live in London, I work virtually every week with a trainer, by computer. We do different exercises, including cardio.

How do you relax?

With lavender or tea tree essential oil, taking an oatmeal bath which also calms my skin, listening to music or cooking. Making homemade meals is a pleasure that I discovered during the pandemic. Just chopping vegetables relaxes me more than meditation.

What does your hair say about you?

I had fun testing a lot of different colors, red, brown or even hot pink. But it is as a blonde that I prefer myself and feel myself. They are very long and I want to grow them even more.

Do you like your age?

I’m 24 since April. It’s an age that sounds good, I feel that this year is going to be good. Part of me feels like I’m 15 and part of me feels like I’m 50 because I’ve been an actress since I was 2. As if working so young gave me an older soul.

The smells of your childhood?

They are related to my grandmother, who lived with us and was a great cook. We are from the South and I remember very well the scents of his dishes, especially at Christmas and Thanksgiving, mixed with that of the oak, so specific to the house. As a teenager, I wore a very sweet perfume, with the scent of cotton candy. Thinking about it immediately brings me back to my high school years.

Do you wear perfume every day?

It’s as much a personal pleasure as it is the finishing touch to my everyday outfit, like the icing on the cake. I hope Paco Rabanne’s Fame will become my signature because I sincerely like it. I like that it has a real personality without being overpowering, with its notes of jasmine delicately created with mango and vanilla, and that you can modulate its trail as you spray. It is playful, seductive, gives me confidence in myself. Like the house dresses and the bottle, so pretty, unique and sparkling.

Does a fragrance play an important role in seduction?

Sure ! To love someone you have to love their smell. A scent is a clue to a personality. I’ve never chosen a scent to play a role before, but the idea fascinates me.

Your definition of femininity?

To feel powerful and strong. I grew up surrounded by role models of opinionated women. My grandmother, my mother, my sister, my aunt and my cousin taught me the essence of femininity: to assume one’s power, to speak one’s mind and to use one’s voice.

Do you follow a special diet?

I love food and I think it’s all about moderation. I love to alternate serious phases, where I consume a lot of green juices, then allow myself unrestricted periods, where I feel I have deserved to deprive myself of nothing, even bread, cheese or chocolate. Luckily, I don’t like desserts.

The most beautiful woman you’ve met?

Beauty is not limited to the physical. The women in my family are the most beautiful in my eyes. I had the chance to meet Angelina Jolie and work with her. I find her dazzling. But my icon remains Marylin Monroe. She has obsessed me since childhood. She was a phenomenal actress, as funny as she was sexy, but she fascinates me just as much in certain mythical photos, where she runs on the beach, without makeup. Sophisticated or natural, she always seemed right.

Elle Fanning’s 3 essential beauty products

Blush of Paradise Peach Addict by L’Oréal Paris

“An iridescent peach for a soft and natural healthy glow effect.”

Aroma-Zone Grapeseed Carrier Oil

“I use it as an evening make-up remover for my face and eyes to spare my sensitive skin.”

Fame Eau de Parfum by Paco Rabanne

“It’s my new olfactory signature, stitched together with incense, jasmine from Grasse and mango.”

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