Emmanuel Macron in the Cher, Justine Vayrac found dead … What you need to know this morning

Emmanuel Macron dans le Cher, Justine Vayrac retrouvée morte... Ce qu

Emmanuel Macron was visiting Cher yesterday, accompanied by Sébastien Lecornu, Minister for the Armed Forces and Sarah El Haïry, Secretary of State to the Minister for the Armed Forces in charge of Youth and Universal National Service. He went to the Military Schools of Bourges, then to DGA Land Techniques, to the Nexter Arrowtech factory in La Chapelle-Saint-Ursin and, finally, to the MBDA factory in Subdray. With the stated ambition of betting on the defense industry.

If no announcement came out of this visit – the President should wait until November 9 to set the course for the future military orientation law for the period 2024-2030 – Emmanuel Macron nevertheless assured himself of the production potential of Berry industry. The Élysée has displayed its ambitions: to invest massively (+3% for the budget of the Armies between 2022 and 2023) and to produce faster thanks to French industry.

A trader excluded from the Aix-d’Angillon market authorized by the Orleans administrative court to request a new location

The administrative court decided, in mid-October, to annul the decision dated July 10, 2020 by which the mayor of Aix-d’Angillon prohibited a non-sedentary fishmonger-caterer from settling in the markets of the municipality. . Unless this decision is appealed by the municipality, which has two months to do so, the trader can thus request a new location on the organized markets in Aix-d’Angillon where he had been authorized to settle since 2015. Contacted this week, Christelle Petit, mayor, indicated that the decision to appeal or not had not yet been taken.

The extension of the Bourges health and social training center to Turly is under study

The health and social training center in Bourges should see an extension and an increase in power in the years to come. A project, estimated at 4 million euros, is being developed

Health and Social Training Institute, nursing assistant training instituteantenna of theRegional School of Social Work. Since 2015, the life of the health and social training center of Bourges, installed in the former premises of the faculty of sciences, in the district of Turly, is written around three pillars. From three structures that carry, embody training in care and support professions.

The site is today a capital place of teaching and acquisition of knowledge. Tomorrow, it should be even more so. For several months, the Department, owner of the premises, the Region, a key player in health and social training (it defines the training map, finances training institutes and awards scholarships to pupils and students) and the three institutes have been working on the development of a site extension project.


Justine Vayrac found dead in Beynat, Corrèze

The search to find the body of Justine Vayrac, who disappeared in Brive, in Corrèze, on the night of October 22 to 23, has been successful: her body was found this Thursday, October 27.

A few hours after the end of the custody of the main suspect in the case of the disappearance of Justine Vayrac, the body of the victim was found in Beynat (Corrèze), in the area where the latter lives.

The young man suspected of the murder is a resident of Beynat, a town of 1,300 inhabitants located about twenty kilometers from Brive (Corrèze), first presented as an acquaintance of Justine, met several times during festive evenings in recent month.

On social networks, the 21-year-old man appears in sportswear, in the evening or in a farmer’s outfit close to his cows. A few kilometers from the village, the family farm alone constitutes a small hamlet. He takes care of the cattle of Limousin cows. His mailbox also indicates that he has a carpentry workshop on site.

It is in connection with his agricultural activity that the young man also made himself known to the courts. In 2020, then an agricultural employee, the young man was involved in a barn fire in Saint-Hilaire-Peyroux, about twenty kilometers from Beynat. The case has not yet been judged.

Elisabeth Borne announces three schemes for businesses and communities and aid of 12 billion euros

Elisabeth Borne announced Thursday three new devices to contain energy prices for businesses and communities, for a total effort increased to “12 billion euros”, during a press conference in Matignon.

The first, called “electricity shock absorber”, will aim to cover part of the electricity bill for “VSEs that do not benefit from the tariff shield, SMEs, associations, local authorities and public establishments”.

The government will also “simplify and amplify the targeted aid, already in force for companies”. With regard to communities, he will present an amendment to the finance bill providing for “the extension and amplification of the safety net for the year 2023”.


The Tour de France 2023 will stop in Allier

After ten years of scarcity, the Tour returns to the Allier. And a great first, Moulins will welcome the arrival of the 11th stage for the first time in its history. The peloton had never stopped in the capital of Bourbonnais. The Grande Boucle will not pass through the Cher, therefore, but very close.

The 11th stage of the Tour, which will connect Clermont-Ferrand to Moulins on July 12, 2023, will pass through the following municipalities: Clermont, Gerzat, Saint-Beauzire, Chappes, Ennezat, Champeyroux, Martres-sur-Morge, Sardon, Aigueperse, Chaptuzat, Saint Agoulin. After this passage in the Puy-de-Dôme, the peloton will switch to the Allier to spin in the direction of Montluçon, crossing Ébreuil, Lalizolle, Échassières, Lapeyrouse (Puy-de-Dôme), Colombier, Commentry, Néris-les- Bains, Lavault-Sainte-Anne and Montluçon. After crossing Montluçon, the runners will follow the Berry canal, towards Reugny, then Cosne-d’Allier.


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