Snow mushroom, hyperthermal water… These new skincare active ingredients that amaze us

Snow mushroom, hyperthermal water... These new skincare active ingredients that amaze us

Cosmetic research laboratories have worked hard to develop and launch new products on the market this season. Above all, they discover the surprising power of new active ingredients, capable of sublimating the skin, optimizing the cells’ capacity to maintain hydration for 24 hours or to fight against free radicals. Some are also able to fight oxidation linked to exposure to UV rays or blue lightwhen others target inflammation. A look at the new skincare active ingredients that will make us succumb.

hyperthermal water

Water is said to be “hyperthermal” when it exceeds 45° when it comes out of the ground. Some sources, for example, even exceed 80°. As a result, they have unparalleled health benefits, because they are super rich in minerals. Hence the interest also, to use them to make beauty treatments, since it is the softest water that is in cosmetics. Thus, it contains very little calcium and magnesium, but a lot of silicon, lithium and manganese and has a neutral pH of 6.8.

For who ? Regenerating and restorative, hyperthermal water is ideal for anyone with severe skin problems (rosacea, eczema, acne…). It is also widely indicated for those who wish to reinvigorate tired skin, lacking tone and radiance.

The cherry

The cherry tree and its fruit are full of resources, right from the blossom stage. The latter indeed helps to preserve the integrity of the skin in the face of damage caused by photo-ageing: oxidation, sagging skin, wrinkles, inflammation causing imperfections, loss of radiance… Whereas older -mothers have long used cherry stalks to fight against urinary tract infections, cherry water gives cosmetic care an aqueous texture, which boosts hydration. Next step in research? Draw on the formidable active ingredients hidden in the kernel of the fruit through a silky and particularly precious oil.

For who ? Combined with beech bud, it helps skin overworked by the hectic daily life of city dwellers to fight daily aggressions.

Muscat rose oil

This ultra-precious oil is a natural source of vitamin A, also called retinol, which smooths and fades the signs of aging. It is also perfectly balanced in essential fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6), but also very rich in vitamin E and antioxidant carotenoids. Thanks to this outstanding composition, it protects against external aggressions while participating intensely in its regeneration, maintaining its hydration, its suppleness and its comfort.

For who ? Skins that need to be nourished and revitalised. After a few applications, they become more radiant. After a few weeks, they regain their elasticity.

plant collagen

Collagen is a protein naturally present in the body and intended to provide a support function for the skin and adjacent connective tissues. With age, its production decreases, which has the effect of relaxing the skin, but also contributes to dehydrating the epidermis, collagen having the property of retaining water.

Plant-based collagen comes from plant proteins such as corn, soy or wheat. It has moisturizing properties that are more effective than those of conventional collagen and its genetic sequence is – if not identical – very close to that of human type I collagen, allowing it to act as a building block for collagen synthesis. and one new collagen stimulator, tightening the dermis and the epidermis along the way, while preventing senescence (the epidermis is more hydrated, the skin mesh is reinforced, which makes the skin’s elasticity increased and the natural skin barrier preserved). An action that is all the more effective when collagen is combined with an anti-wrinkle and radiance-boosting antioxidant active ingredient such as vitamin C.

For who ? Skin lacking firmness and showing deep wrinkles. People looking to use active ingredients – and by extension – skincare of plant origin, not animal.


This asset 100% vegetable origin has similar properties to retinol, minus the potentially irritating effect. Its antioxidant power, anti-glycation and stimulator of collagen production make it one of the most interesting anti-aging active ingredients of the moment to fight against the passage of time without fear of skin reaction.. In addition to significantly reducing the depth of wrinkles and restoring elasticity and radiance to the skin, it is also of interest against pigment spots. We also make sure, by using this popular active ingredient, not to risk photosensitivity, as is the case with vitamin A. Thus, the use of this active ingredient will be ideal for people with a sensitive skin or wishing to reduce the appearance of their wrinkles without taking the risk of a skin reaction.

For who ? Skins showing the first signs of aging, who wish to act in prevention to prevent them from settling. Or, people with more established wrinkles, but with sensitive skin that does not necessarily allow them to use retinol without risk.

Adaptogenic tea

We have known for centuries that tea is full of virtues for health and, by extension, for the beauty of the skin. But after years of research, scientists have just discovered that certain species of teas – like a tea of ​​Mauritian origin – with adaptogenic phytochemicals have the ability to stimulate the bioenergetic systems of the skin and bring this provides the body with important antioxidant protection. Thus, to survive the extreme conditions of the island, the plant has genetically adapted for 130 years by over-concentrating certain elements, such as polyphenols and citrate (up to 2.65 times more concentrated than in a plant of classic tea).

For who ? This active ingredient is ideal for helping all skin types, including the most fragile and exposed to severe stress conditions (chronic, environmental, etc.), to improve the skin’s resilience and its resistance to daily stress factors, which lead to the appearance of signs of aging. As a result, the epidermis is smoother, plumper and visibly radiant.

Pastel polyphenols

Faced with skin that lacks radiance, the antioxidant active ingredients have no equal in acting against the harmful effects of free radicals induced by all external stress factors. Scientists have notably discovered the strong antioxidant power of pastel polyphenols, which optimize the reduction of free radicals by 93.6% by protecting the mitochondria inside our cells.

For who ? The skins that display a dull complexionbecause of stress, poor quality sleep, an unbalanced diet or hormonal imbalance.


The pretty yellow flowers of this plant have calming and soothing properties, thanks to their richness in fatty acids, sterols and unsaponifiables. Gorse water stimulates the production of beta-endorphins, thereby delivering a welcome sensation of relief to reactive or stressed skin by a mechanical action, such as a scrub that is a little too abrasive for example, or even shaving that is too intense. Finally, the oil of this plant is able to reactivate the activity of fibroblasts, which slows down with age, for visibly toned and firmed skin in a few weeks.

For who ? The most responsive, which regularly post redness and irritation when they are subjected to external aggressions such as pollution, consumption of tobacco, alcohol or spicy foods, climate change, stress.


This Ayurvedic herb, with its antioxidant power, has long been known to be great for cardiovascular health. It has recently been discovered that its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties also adapt very well to the specific needs of sensitive skin. But that’s not all, the turmerones contained in turmeric essential oil also have a particularly effective action against premature aging and uneven complexions, due to spots due to exposure or a lack of glow.

For who ? Very sensitive skin such as those prone to rosacea, eczema and even psoriasis, for which turmeric relieves irritation and revives radiance.

The snow fungus

Contrary to what one might think, this fungus grows on the trunks of dead trees in tropical regions and in fact owes its name to its gelatinous white appearance. It has ultra moisturizing properties, thanks to its richness in polysaccharides and fatty acids.. His secret to achieving this? Possess natural, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid molecules, small enough to penetrate deep layers of dermis and epidermis. This guarantees perfect hydration of the tissues for long hours, while relieving redness and irritation on sensitive skin. Results, the skin is perfectly plumped, softened. Tremel – the other name of this mushroom – is also a very good antioxidant and as such, it protects the skin from repeated attacks by free radicals and delays the appearance of signs of aging.

For who ? Fragile skins, which show the first wrinkles and need a lot of hydration to satisfy their skin’s needs.

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