A year in prison suspended in the court of Moulins (Allier) for the man who sexually assaulted his 12-year-old daughter-in-law

Un an de prison avec sursis au tribunal de Moulins (Allier) pour l

“I recognize all that I am accused of today, these are serious facts” declares, ashamed, the civil servant working in the Loire department. In this case, he admits having put his hand on the sex of his beautiful daughter, then aged twelve, in January 2021, during a “game”. “My hand landed on his private parts over the clothes, it went away on its own”.

He would have taken advantage of the absence of his companion, and of the other children who were in other rooms, to call her, her, in the living room.

The expertise underlines the defendant’s “borderline personality”

The 30-year-old would have withdrawn his hand immediately, and asked the young girl not to tell anyone. He doesn’t remember well, he had been drinking. “A beer”… But if her daughter-in-law says so, she is right. She was always “thoughtful”. Moreover, the psychological expertise to which the little one was subjected, almost a year after the facts, showed the same thing: “Thoughtful and assertive personality, no tendency to confabulation”. She explained that her stepfather’s look changed as his body evolved. For the defendant, the expertise, psychiatric this time, to which he was subjected as part of the procedure, concluded that he would be a “liar and manipulative subject”, that he “tries to present a image of him which is not the real one”, that he would have a “borderline personality”. But also that he is “fully conscious, without impaired discernment. »

What is the role of the president of the judicial court of Moulins (Allier)?

After the man’s hand “slipped”, the young girl in CM2 returned to her room and warned her mother by telephone. The mother, also a civil servant, then came home from work angry, confronted her husband, who quickly confessed, crying and apologizing. She wanted to handle the case alone, and therefore kicked him out. The case went to court due to two reports. One from the girl’s middle school social worker she told about it. Another from the mother of one of her classmates in whom she had confided. This second letter reports other facts. The stepfather would have proposed to his stepdaughter to sleep with him, and to “put his penis in his mouth”. But the schoolgirl heard since has not related these facts.
In his defence, the defendant evokes a difficult period for him: his couple was not well, he drank every day, and his gesture was to be put down to physical and psychological fatigue. His lawyer was surprised by the result of the psychiatric expertise given the fact that he appeared “in an extremely shameful way”.

A Bourbonnais sentenced by the court of Moulins (Allier) for sexual assaults on his granddaughter

On Wednesday October 19, after having deliberated, the Moulins court sentenced him to 12 months in prison suspended for two years, with the obligation to work, psychological and addiction care, and a ban on coming into contact with the victim by any means.

Emeric Enaud


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