Lidl releases a new manicure set for a professional result!

Tired of ruining yourself at the beautician for your nails? So discover this Lidl manicure kit that contains everything to take care of them

To beautify your nails on your head, Lidl unveils its low-cost manicure set. Discover everything you need to get your tigress nails done with a professional result. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Take care of your nails with Lidl

As autumn draws to a close, Lidl is releasing more attractive offers every day to help us preserve our purchasing power.

Soon, Halloween is about to land. And the brand is currently revealing her best costumes to dress up. This October 31, monsters and witches will be out!

And to delight the hungry, Lidl has pulled out all the stops with its range of food products to celebrate properly ! The discount brand excels in offers at knockdown pricesbut where the quality is still there.

This is why more and more customers are rushing to the store to be sure of getting good deals. And good deals, beauty look fans will get one this month!

In effect, Lidl unveils its manicure kit which will allow you to do without going to the beautician! This set contains everything you need to take care of your nails from A to Z.

This kit comes in a small rectangular bag in “leather effect” polyurethane and complete zipper. Inside you will find accessories to maintain your nails like a pro.

This kit contains a large nail clipper, a small nail clipper, a cuticle clippera glass file, a metal file, tweezers, a pair of scissors and a cuticle cleaner.

Lidl releases a new manicure set for a professional result!
Lidl releases a new manicure set for a professional result!

Everything to pamper our feet with the discounter

Be the perfect panoply of the perfect professional! To have long, shiny and perfectly healthy nails, don’t hesitate for a second to rush on this exclusive Lidl offer.

And you better hurry! Because sold for less than 6 euros, this manicure set will quickly go like hot cakes. So make sure there’s one left for you!

The discounter also has what it takes to pamper your feet. We don’t often think of them, and yet our feet, like our hands, need a lot of care.

With Lidl, make them happy with this Silver Crest pedicure set delivered with 7 rotating heads. These will come in handy for removing dry skin, removing calluses, treating ingrown toenails, trimming, filing and polishing the surface of your nails.

In short, it is a perfect companion for those who want to do without expensive appointments in the institute! Finally, to totally relax, discover this foldable hot tub for the feet.

Thanks to its six integrated ergonomic rollers, treat yourself to a hydromassage session. Pure pleasure offered by Lidl at a once again ridiculous price! What if this device was your next Christmas gift ?

Do not hesitate to order it from Santa Claus to give your feet the benefit of a well-being treatment that you will no longer be able to do without.

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