Cosmetics and fashion come together with Pink October to fight female breast cancer.

In this month of October, autumn loses its warm colors and it wraps itself in pink to raise awareness about female breast cancer. Around the world, this cancer is bringing women down, and while their voice is finally being freed, beauty and fashion brands are supporting them, so that their self-confidence can be regained. Here are cosmetic and fashion brands that are fighting alongside them to give them back their legitimate power, which drives us all on a daily basis, and it is none other than that of femininity that this disease sneakily steals from them. So, as these brands donate part or all of their profits to associations that fight to stem this injustice, join this cause too, by purchasing these labeled products. Pink October.


As a general rule we don’t like hair, yet their growth is the very DNA of TALIKA. Thanks to its unique formulas, derived from botany, TALIKA gardens your eyebrows and eyelashes so that their bulbs are no longer infertile. the Lipobrows which combines make-up and care is to be applied every morning to restore and enhance thin, flat, sparse or over-plucked eyebrows. As for the iconic Lipocils which also makes up and promotes regrowth, it is now available in waterproof. note that TALIKA is really on the hair, since it is the only brand whose clinical tests actually prove hair regrowth. In fact, these tests show that after two months of application, eyelashes and eyebrows have grown by 29%.


SAMEfounded in 2017 by Judith Levy and Juliette Couturier, accompanies women and men with cancer, thanks to targeted referrals to alleviate side effects. Subject to a very strict formulation charter and developed during clinical tests carried out in collaboration with the Center Léon Bérard in Lyon (one of the largest establishments in the fight against cancer), Even is present in hospitals and in (para )pharmacies, enough to reassure you about the seriousness and real effectiveness of its products. The brand, which is celebrating its 5th anniversary, is offering five of its references in travel format, to help you take care of yourself in all circumstances. So whether it’s for a trip, a weekend or a short stay in the hospital, this birthday kit is an unrivaled partner. In this month of October, the brand not only distributes more than 22,000 self-examination awareness kits free of charge in its 4,000 partner pharmacies and on its eshop, but it also donates Unicancer1% on the sale of each of its birthday kits.


This year ECRINAL® is officially committed to the fight against cancer, although unofficially it has always been the ally of people affected by this disease, thanks to the high efficiency of its products, which combat the undesirable effects of treatments including chemotherapy. In fact in this month of October, ECRINAL® the French leader in nail care, combines beauty and a good cause by donating 1 euro per bottle sold to the association Pink Ribbon.



Yann Maurel-Loreesthetician behind ESTEEM&SENSEat this month ofPink October gives meaning, by donating 1 euro on each sale made of his duo: two balms for the body and the heart, filled with generosity, delicacy and softness. The first is the Baume Souverain, an extraordinary SOS ointment, which combats the adverse effects of cancer. With no surgras effect, this SOS ointment really nourishes and softens sensitive and dry skin. The second is a collector’s balm, which usually ESTEEM&SENSE keeps in his institutes like a treasure, but for Pink October this draining and detoxifying balm comes out of the cabins, and becomes a homemade treatment that illuminates you. The amount raised from the sale of these two balms will be donated to the fantastic Regional Association of Socio-Aestheticians Pays de Loirewho by their actions achieve many victories, healing the suffering and bodily pain, of those whose wings this disease breaks.


With its silhouette of small breasts, the BOOBS collection of MARY MARTENS is committed to women on a daily basis. Indeed, the brand donates 10% of the profits made on the sales of this permanent collection to the association Pink Ribbon which works for breast cancer research. For Pink Octoberthe BOOBS collection makes us see life in pink while The GLITTER BOOBS available from December, rhymes party with glitter.


In this month ofPink Octoberthe leather goods brand NAT & NIN is committed to the Association RoseUp, a non-profit association that informs, supports and defends women with cancer on a daily basis. With the bag named Selma, born from the encounter between NAT & NIN and RoseUpyour fall pink wardrobe is going wild and in this Pink Octoberthe profits from the sale of this bag created for a good cause, will be entirely donated to the association.


Again SHEIN engages with women by unveiling a campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer screening and the importance of regular medical follow-up. And, alongside RoseUp the brand accompanies them by donating €30,000 to this association and also donating 7% of the turnover excluding tax generated on sales of the collection co-created for this occasion throughout the month of October. In fact, you still have the whole weekend to go to the site of SHEIN and do a good deed by getting t-shirts, sweatshirts, sportswear sets and other trendy looks illustrated by the talented @la_gande_lizon.


Joelle and Laurent Amsallem who are at genesis, brand chains LACOQUEFRANÇAISE, are committed to spreading this message to all women: Get screened for breast cancer! In this month of October, their chains, which are worn in the hollow of the chest, are dressed in pink and as this brand fights for a good cause, all the profits from the sales of this model will be donated to the Association. Pink Ribbon.

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