Our selection of very soft creams to comfort the…

Our selection of very soft creams to comfort the…


A pot of sweetness with shea butter and a high concentration of vegetable oils (olive, sweet almond, castor, orange, lavender). The floral scent is quite present. The composition is free of microplastics despite the presence of “pearls” of almond oil. Certified vegan.

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Almond Blossom Rich Body Cream, Kneipp, approx. 13 fr. the 200 ml.

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Sensitive skin

Organic jojoba, organic coconut oil, glycerin and squalane soothe sensitive and irritated skin. 100% natural and fragrance free (a potentially allergenic substance). Weleda has reviewed the packaging of its body milks with bottles made from 97% recycled plastic.

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Sensitive body lotion, fragrance-free, Weleda, approx. 19 fr. the 200 ml.

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A mixture of vegetable oils with different properties for an ultra-nourishing exotic cocktail, sunflower, macadamia, safflower, nigella and chia, with a delicate fragrance with spicy and sweet notes.

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Indian Delights Body Oil, OriginOil, 26 fr. the 120 ml.

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Shea butter, grapeseed oil and desert date oil give the perfect creaminess to this vegan body butter. Inspired by Caudalie spa treatments in Bordeaux, it smells of bitter almond and provides twenty-four hours of hydration and comfort.

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Vinotherapist, lipid-replenishing vegan body butter, Caudalie, approx. 29 fr. the 250 ml.

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Valeve, a French-speaking brand launched almost twelve years ago, has made its way, developed its range and revamped its packaging to better export itself. We still love the hyperfluid body lotion and its fruity fragrance, which contains apricot kernel extract and oil, and water from the Swiss glaciers.

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Precious Body Lotion, Valeve, 34 fr. 90 per 200ml.

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Cetaphil is a dermatological brand that has taken care of fragile skin for seventy years, from a Swiss laboratory (Galderma). This universal cream has a dense texture reminiscent of Nivea. The short formula contains petrolatum (Vaseline), a skin-protecting mineral oil. Stable and neutral, it is very well tolerated by problem skin, but its origin can make fans of natural products wince, a matter of choice.

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Moisturizing face and body cream, Cetaphil, approx. 22 fr. 453 g (in pharmacies)

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A body cream derived from the perfume of the same name. Its formula contains cocoa butter, shea butter, white tea extract, but also liquid paraffin, a substance useful for creating a protective film on the skin, but derived from petrochemicals. The fresh and pungent smell is very present, the dense texture, promise of a lot of comfort.

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White Tea Mandarin Blossom Body Cream, Elizabeth Arden, approx. 28 fr. the 400 ml.

© Charles-Elie Lathion

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