Which is the best hair straightener to choose in 2022?

Which is the best hair straightener to choose in 2022?

Straightening your hair without damaging it requires a good straightening iron. Indeed, using the wrong device can very quickly affect your hair health. Whether you use it every day or more occasionally, many criteria should be taken into account before buying a straightener. To help you, here is a small selection of the best hair straighteners to choose from in 2022.

The selection of the 7 best hair straighteners to choose from in 2022:

Remington Keratin Protect Intelligent S8598: versatile and inexpensive

Remington Keratin Protect Intelligent S8598
Remington Keratin Protect Intelligent S8598 – DR

Are you looking for an inexpensive device that smooths quickly and very effectively? This Remington hair straightener will interest you. Two technologies are combined in this straightener: the Advanced Ceramic Keratin coating and the Intelligent High Protection sensor. The former is a classic coating for a straightener, except it’s treated with a keratin and almond oil conditioner. For the sensor, it detects the moisture level of your hair to adapt the heat. Their common goal? Take care of your hair. These technologies, combined with its five temperature levels and its easy handling, make it an excellent straightener.

Most :

  • A very nice device;
  • 5 temperature levels;
  • Technologies at the service of hair health;
  • Its plates are lockable.

The lessers :

  • A little heavy after long time use;
  • Plates tend not to slide easily;
  • The straightener does not have excellent ergonomics.

Saint Algue Demeliss Titanium Steam Straightener: the steam straightener at a good price/quality ratio

Saint Algue Demeliss Titanium Steam Straightener
Saint Algue Demeliss Titanium Steam Straightener – DR

The steam straightener is ideal for regular use, without damaging your hair too much. With a fairly large tank, this straightener will provide you with constant steam for 25 minutes. Its wide plates are powerful allies for long hair. Built-in tank, retractable comb and adjustable temperature, this straightener has everything a high-end, while remaining at a reasonable price.

Most :

  • Good value for money ;
  • 6 steam outlets;
  • Heats up very quickly;
  • Large tank;
  • Velvet case supplied with the straightener.

The lessers :

  • A little heavy after long time use;
  • Fairly small iron opening angle;
  • The retractable comb tends to fall out quickly.

Babyliss ST481E Pure Metal: the 2-in-1 Babyliss

Babyliss ST481E Pure Metal
Babyliss ST481E Pure Metal – DR

A straightening iron coupled with a curling iron, that’s exactly what Babyliss offers you here. Very chic, with its golden or metallic design, you won’t be able to do without it. Its ionic technology considerably reduces the effects of static electricity. It is, therefore, much easier to structure your hairstyle, whether for beautiful curls or a beautiful straightening. His other strong point? It only takes a few seconds before the straightener becomes warm and usable. For its relatively low price compared to the brand, you can easily imagine using it every day.

Most :

  • The best quality/price ratio of the brand;
  • Its dual function (no more need for several devices);
  • Heats up very quickly;
  • Very elegant design that does not sacrifice ergonomics;
  • 6 temperature levels.

The lessers :

  • Appliance very hot;
  • A heat-resistant mat is supplied, facilitating installation;
  • Hard to hold protective tips.

L’Oréal Professionnel Paris – Steampod 3.0: professional quality

L'Oreal Professional Paris - Steampod 3.0
L’Oréal Professionnel Paris – Steampod 3.0 – DR

The Steampods are real bombs in the field of straighteners. Here we have one of its best representatives. This straightener guarantees you a result worthy of a hair salon, without harming your hair health. We forget frizz, burnt or dry hair: its steam technology will delight the most capricious hair. When we talk about professional quality, we often think of the device’s lack of ergonomics. That’s not the case here. The grip is simple and a reservoir is even directly integrated into the handle.

Most :

  • Incomparable quality;
  • A technology that takes care of the hair;
  • A very elaborate design;
  • Its rotating cord facilitates movement;
  • A comb is integrated to remove small knots.

The lessers :

  • The straightener remains very expensive, even for professional quality;
  • The tank is to be filled with mineralized water only;
  • The device is a bit heavy.

Philips BHS675 / 00: the anti-forks at a low price

Philips BHS675/00
Philips BHS675/00 – DR

Here is a cheap straightener, which does what it is asked to do and which is suitable for all hair types. Indeed, even if his specialty remains anti-fork straightening, frizzy, wavy, straight or curly hair will also be treated well. The device has eleven different heat levels. In addition, the iron is ready to use after thirty seconds of preheating. On the technology side, we find the Keratin Ceramic which guarantees softness and shine for your hair. In addition, it reduces static electricity (you can say goodbye to frizz!).

Most :

  • A rather exceptional quality/price ratio;
  • A technology that takes care of the hair;
  • SplitStop technology (anti-forks);
  • Its rotating cord facilitates movement;
  • The straightener heats up very quickly.

The lessers :

  • No storage pouch or heat-resistant mat;
  • Iron a little warm to grip;
  • The device is a bit heavy.

Pealov – Straightener and curler: cordless 2 in 1

Pealov - Straightening and curling iron
Pealov – Straightening and curling iron – DR

If you were looking for the perfect straightener for travel, then you have now found it. Small bonus, it is also a curling iron. Small, compact and cordless, you’ll be able to straighten or curl your hair wherever you want. Don’t be afraid of not being able to finish: the battery has a large capacity offering a long autonomy (depending on use). Charging is done through a USB port, which everyone has at the moment (it can therefore accommodate an external battery). At the technological level, a 3D floating heating panel reduces hair damage and avoids burns. All this, at very low prices.

Most :

  • The very low price;
  • Straightener and curler in one;
  • A technology that avoids damaging the hair;
  • Small, compact and cordless;
  • Good autonomy and easily rechargeable;
  • The integrated comb that prevents hair breakage.

The lessers :

  • No protective pouch provided;
  • The practical side takes precedence over efficiency;
  • The plates do not slide easily;
  • Does not have an auto-sleep function.

GHD STYLER GOLD professional straightener: the professional at the best value for money

GHD Professional hair straightener STYLER GOLD
GHD Professional hair straightener STYLER GOLD – DR

We could not avoid talking about the reference brand of straighteners. Also, we have a professional hair straightener here, at a reasonable price. This straightener has dual-zone technology that will give you perfectly smooth hair. Two heat sensors ensure that the plates are at optimum heat, from root to tip. The iron is even capable of making curls, thanks to its rounded edges. Quick to heat up, automatic standby function and very elegant design… It’s quite simply an exceptional straightener, which can only delight you.

Most :

  • Good value for money ;
  • Very classy design;
  • A technology that takes care of the hair;
  • A long cord, which accompanies your movements;
  • Provides smoothing that can last several days.

The lessers :

  • The price remains quite high;
  • The temperature is a bit low;
  • No integrated comb;
  • Heat-resistant mat not included;
  • Lack of storage pocket.

How to choose the right straightener?

The straightener is part of the daily life of many women who love beautiful hair. However, choosing the right straightener is never an easy thing. Many brands are competing for the market, for as many technologies and features. Many criteria are to be studied before a purchase. Dimensions of the plates, temperature, coatings as well as heating technologies are all elements to be analysed.

As with any object used very regularly or on a daily basis, it is important to think about its needs. Indeed, it is by analyzing your hairdressing habits and your needs that you will find the ideal straightener for you. Do you travel with iron? Can you put it in the bathroom? Do you need a multifunction device?

Attention, it is advisable not to buy any straightening iron. The principle of this is based on exposing the hair to high temperatures. That’s why you have to make sure you get good quality.

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