Effective care to help the skin stay hydrated, while…

Effective care to help the skin stay hydrated, while…

It is the first need of the skin to stay healthy and defend itself against stress factors, hydration. But contrary to what they suggest, the ranges of cosmetics intended for this purpose do not provide it with water, it is only given orally! Creams, masks and serums help it retain it, in particular thanks to hyaluronic acid, which has become essential, which captures water and swells to give a plumper appearance to the features. Other formulas try to form an invisible film or reinforce the barrier function to prevent water from evaporating.


A week-long treatment at a low price to infuse the skin with water-retaining active ingredients. These highly concentrated ampoules with 6 different types of hyaluronic acid provide comfort and softness for smooth features.

nivea hydra skin effect ampoule
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Hydra Skin Effect, Nivea, approx. 10 fr. 7 vials (1 week)

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A gel-cream that provides 60 hours of hydration and promises skin transformed in two weeks, brighter. Cocoa peptides, moringa seeds and hyaluronic acid spheres plump and protect against blue light and pollution.

nars reflective moisturizer
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Nars Light Reflecting Moisturizer, Approx. 79 fr. the 50 ml.

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sleeping pack

A formula that leaves a discreet film on the skin to allow it to integrate the active ingredients during the night and help it to reinforce its natural barrier function. With hyaluronic acid in three molecular weights, alpine mallow extract to soothe, coenzyme Q10 and a cocktail of vitamins (A, E and F)

Mavala moisturizing night mask
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Aqua plus multi-hydrating night mask, Mavala, 42 fr. the 75 ml.

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Two in one

A product to use daily or as an express anti-fatigue treatment (leave on for 10 minutes in a thick layer). It soothes the eye contour, smoothes fine lines with kalanchoe and reduces dark circles with horse chestnut.

clarins total eye hydrate balm eye mask
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Total Eye Hydrate, eye balm-mask, Clarins, 48 fr. the 20 ml.

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A dermatological brand that comes to the aid of sensitive and fragile skin with a range of three products, day care, night care and serum offering 48 hours of comfort. With hyaluronic acid, glycerin and blue daisy extract.

cetaphil hydration serum
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Optimal Hydration 48h serum, Cetaphil, 24 fr. 90 for 30ml.

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A fresh gel mask with a delicate scent that contains no less than 17 plant active ingredients (seaweed powder, aloe vera, coriander, astragalus, bitter orange extract, etc.), as well as hyaluronic acid and powder of lapis lazuli which gives it its bluish color. A dream, vegan and organic.

absolution anti thirst mask
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Moisturizing anti-thirst mask, Absolution, 39 fr. the 50 ml.

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New, more natural formula for this hydration classic with an iconic texture and fragrance, bursting with hyaluronic acid of course, but also mallow extract, meadow moss seed oil, jojoba, yeast extract.

dior hydra life sorbet cream
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Hydra Life fresh sorbet cream, Dior, approx. 87 fr. the 50 ml.

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Dermafora, a Swiss brand concocted by pharmacists, completes its range for dehydrated skin with this eye care that erases the signs of fatigue. Proven ingredients, hyaluronic acid, mallow and caffeine, and a metallic applicator with an immediate cooling effect.

dermaflora anti-fatigue treatment
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Anti-fatigue eye care, Dermafora, 23 fr. 90 for 15 ml.

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