Foot care: beauty secrets from around the world

Foot care: beauty secrets from around the world

They are our anchor and connect us to the earth. Many traditions have understood this: taking care of it provides relaxation, energy and soothes our ailments. Sensual or more technical gestures, take inspiration from our world tour to give them all the respect they deserve.

Germany: Dr Kneipp’s stork walk for lighter legs

Stimulation of circulation, strengthening of veins, fight against varicose veins, heavy legs and migraine, better sleep, strengthened immune system… These are the promises of this simple and free treatment, one of Dr Kneipp’s best known, which has more than two hundred thousand followers in Europe, mainly in Germany and Austria. If you are by the sea or have access to a river, this is ideal (water less than 18°C). If not, your bathtub will do: just fill it with cold water. Enter the water (it should not exceed your knees) and, standing, walk on the spot. With each step, like a stork, lift your leg completely out of the water, tiptoe pointing down. Get out of the water when the cold feels too bad for you, then wipe your legs with your hands and walk on. A pleasant feeling of warmth spreads. Please note, this treatment is contraindicated in the event of urinary and lower abdomen infections, or serious blood circulation disorders.

India: A kansu bowl massage for quality sleep

With Kiran Vyas, director and founder of the Tapovan centers and pioneer of Ayurveda in France.

In India, the feet are sacred. They take part in many religious rituals and are washed at least twice a day. They are fundamental in connecting us to the earth element, but can also perform the miracle of lifting ourselves up, of going upwards, towards the divine. Bowl foot massage kansu is the first treatment taught to students in Ayurvedic medicine. It can be practiced at home without danger, because without contraindications. Integrated into Ayurvedic treatments (two or three times a week), it was traditionally given in India by children to their parents or grandparents, while they told them various myths.

Lie down and have your partner smear your foot with ghee (clarified butter) lukewarm. The massage is practiced with the back of the bowl: round trips, circles, supports… Handcrafted for this purpose, the bowl kansu fits in the palm of your hand. It is made of an alloy of five metals (copper, zinc, gold, tin and silver) which give it their therapeutic properties. Copper, in particular, which makes up nearly 80%, has anti-infectious properties. Under no circumstances should the bowl be made of brass or any other alloy. By touching the reflex points of the feet, this massage regulates the fire element in excess (anger, nervousness) or deficient (depression, anxiety, lack of energy, etc.). Vitality and positive thoughts return, as well as better sleep and better eye health. In addition to fire, the other four elements are associated with part of the foot (just like a metal in the alloy of the bowl). Thus, the heel is connected to the earth, the middle of the sole of the foot, to the water, the base of the toes and the fleshy part of the sole, to the fire, the toes, to the air and the top of the toes , with ether.

Orient: A rejuvenation cure for soft and regenerated skin

With Fatou Keita, cosmetologist and founder of Clairjoie (organic cosmetics for institutes).

Sad, dry, cracked feet? Try this simple and magical ritual.

1. Exfoliation with black soap. Unparalleled exfoliating, black soap was the great beauty secret of the sultanas. Apply a generous amount to wet feet, leave for five minutes, then rinse. The emollient properties of black soap (composed of olive paste) accelerate desquamation. Dead skin cells come off naturally.

2. Exfoliation with a glove kessa or horsehair. Complete the action of the soap with this “mechanical” scrub. Wet the glove, then make gentle, repeated circular movements.

3. Massage and shea mask. Shea butter is the friend of dry skin. Emollient, softening, it contains nourishing and protective lipids which penetrate the skin and regenerate it thanks to their anti-elastases with proven anti-aging properties. Massage the feet generously. Before going to bed, apply a thick layer of shea and put on an old pair of socks. When you wake up, you have very soft, brand new feet.

China: Three acupressure points for tenfold energy

With Liu Ning Hai, practitioner at Les Temps du corps, in Paris.

In China, the feet are the starting point of three meridians (kidney, spleen and liver). You can stimulate them by pressing repeatedly and deeply on these acupuncture points for a few tens of seconds.

Yong-quan (kidney): the energy of longevity. This point, located in the hollow of the arch of the foot, means “springing energy”. It is the first of the three hundred and sixty points of well-being: stimulated, it brings the energy of youth, strengthens the kidneys, avoids colds and fights against hypertension.

tai chong (liver): after a festive evening. This large point of the liver and gallbladder, located on the top of the foot, between the first and second metatarsals, allows the liver to drain in case of excess or anger to discharge.

San yin jiao (spleen): for gynecological disturbances. Located four fingers above the medial malleolus, it is important since three meridians meet there (liver, spleen and kidney). It helps to strengthen yin energy and is therefore a great balancing agent (not recommended for pregnant women).

Brazil: A nourishing mask for pretty feet

A Brazilian, organic and at-home foot beauty treatment? It is now possible thanks to The Natural Pedicure Ritual kit from Kure Bazaar. On the program: two foot masks in the shape of slippers soaked in nourishing cream with aloe vera, avocado and barley, a file, a cuticle pusher stick. After leaving the masks on for a few minutes, cut their ends to free the toes, file the nails and push back the cuticles. Once the “booties” are removed, use the rest of the cream to massage your feet. If you then apply varnish, remember to degrease your nails!

Japan: A barefoot march against electromagnetic pollution

With Kazuhisa Ogawa, Japanese shaman and healer.

Ambient electromagnetic pollution tires us and causes tension in our body. The best antidote to discharge and allow energy to flow freely: walk barefoot on the ground (sand, grass, etc.), or earthing, every day at least ten minutes. If you are particularly exposed to computers and mobile phones and your body shows signs of weakness, extend the daily contact time with the earth. Even in town (just find a park or a square). If the environment or climate does not allow it, touch the ground (even that of a flowerpot) or a tree with your hands.

Express care

Ayurvedic ginger foot scrub

Here is an easy to perform treatment to energize the body. 2 large roots of fresh ginger, 2 tbsp. at s. of honey, 1 drop of sesame oil.

Mix with a blender, pour the paste into a bowl, then rub off the feet by massaging. Rinse, then massage the feet with sesame oil (excellent detoxifier).

Recipe taken from Coming from India, the remedies that heal by Bénédicte Bonnet and Jean-Christophe Toillon (Health Mosaic).

“Earthing”, how to get started

In the sand, in the water, on the grass…, the foot is placed differently, joints and ligaments work naturally, the muscles develop with, in the end, more ease and endurance. In addition to bringing an immediate boost of energy and calm, theearthing reduces stress, chronic pain, and improves sleep and blood and lymphatic circulation. You can also test a barefoot trail in France, in Alsace, in the Loire or in the Pyrenees in particular.

Find trails:,,

For further

To read : Walking barefoot, natural reflexology by Gil Amsallem (Hachette well-being).


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