The 10 most beautiful names for girls that symbolize beauty

The 10 most beautiful names for girls that symbolize beauty

In the eyes of their parents, all the babies in the world are obviously the most beautiful! It’s normal, it’s the apple of your eye that you have just welcomed into your life, and this pretty little girl is already the princess of your heart. Besides, the beauty of your little girl could well inspire you to find a name that suits her!

Why choose a female name that symbolizes beauty?

All the first names have meaning, and can inspire your child as he or she grows up. Of course, beauty remains something superficial and which changes according to the look of the person, but choosing a female name that symbolizes beauty perhaps a magnificent proof of love. A good way, for example, to remind your little girl every day that she will always be the most beautiful in your eyes.

Besides, the list of first names which represent beauty are numerous, since there are as many mixed first names only short first namesbut also first names linked to elegance or light, often associated with the notion of magnificence.

The most beautiful female names that symbolize beauty

Need to see it a little clearer? Discover our ideas for pretty names for pretty little girls.

Do we really need to explain why this name symbolizes beauty? Little given in France but very popular abroad, Belle is a first name that clearly displays color.

In the Nordic mythologyFreyja represents the goddess of love, beauty and fertility.

Derived from the first name Apollo, the Greek god of beauty, Apolline is a first name which means “the one who inspires” because of her beauty.

A rare and elegant Arabic name, Hathor is the daughter of Ra, the sun god, and Nut, the sky goddess. She represents the embodiment of beauty, but also of joy and music.

A mixed name straight out of Greek mythology, Narcissus represents self-love, and is inspired by a character who was of unparalleled beauty.

This pretty Celtic name means “beautiful” and “harmonious”.

In Africa, Oshun is the name of a very popular deity, which symbolizes both beauty and fertility, but also money and sensitivity.

From Greek mythology, the first name Aglaé refers to the youngest of the three Graces, and represents her splendor.

A rare and original first name, Nazelia is a first name of Armenian origin which means “charming” or even “graceful”.

A traditionally masculine first name but also sometimes worn by girls, Soan is a Hebrew first name which means “The grace of God”. In Arabic, it also means “star”.

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