Victoria Monfort: her 10 well-being and beauty essentials

Victoria Monfort: her 10 well-being and beauty essentials

Former journalist and TV host, now actress and screenwriter, Victoria Monfort is currently on the boards of the Théâtre du Marais. She gave us her beauty routine.

Until the end of December, Victoria Monfort is on stage every Sunday in the play I play ! at the Marais Theater in Paris, a play she co-wrote and co-produced. It is with his blog baptized Something about Victoriain which she distilled pretty photos of herself, her fashion and beauty advice, and her sources of life style inspiration, that Nelson Montfort’s daughter got spotted. She also talked about her travels, her experiences like when she walked the Cannes red carpet during the 67th Film Festival. Photos of filming and TV sets, the young woman also took advantage of her blog to promote herself there. In addition to being a fashion addict, Victoria Montfort, today actress and mother of little Nalawhich will celebrate its 1st birthday in Decemberis a beauty addict. The proof in 10 points.

1. Her morning skincare routine

“I need cold in the morning! Lots of cold water on my face, to start. I then apply Chanel’s hydra beauty micro serum too, ultra cool before I really wake up with a jade roller. emulsion infusion de La Mer is super light in day cream. I have been using the brand for years and I love it. I end with the Agustinus Bader eye cream. Absolute passion for all the innovations of this brand, respectful of the environment. the environment.”

2. Her evening skincare routine

“I remove my make-up with Bioderma micellar water then I cleanse my skin, once a day only, either with Estée Lauder’s Perfectly Clean or Kat Burki’s Calming Gel Cleanser. Then I apply the oil as a youthful balm Intense repair by Guerlain. Both as a night cream and as a mask. Perfect for dry skin like mine. From time to time, I finish with the neck and décolleté cream from the Orchidée Impériale range by Guerlain. It’s like a duvet on my skin before nightfall!”

3. Her body treatment

“I love Clarins tonic oil which I discovered when I was pregnant and which I have never let go of again. I alternate with So’bio etic sweet almond milk. The smell is crazy. I’m 7 years old again when I apply it. And I also try to get a regular massage. I alternate with massages from Martine de Richeville (@martinedericheville) who has been following me for a long time. Ultra effective. feels like coming out of the ocean after a treatment! And a year ago I met Virgini Balasundaram (@virginitherapeute), a drainage fairy who has a charming practice in the 18th arrondissement in Paris.”

4. Her lip and hand care

“I moisturize my lips all the time. At the moment I really like the transparent coconut balm red as well as Chanel’s hand cream. I really like their ultra sober and refined packaging.”

5. Her favorite perfume

“Without hesitation Gardenia Petale by Van Cleef & Arpels, my perfume for years. More and more difficult to find! As soon as I see it I take it in my reserve!”

6. Her hair ritual

“I’m totally dependent on Louis Trautwein (@louisremyhair) who’s been doing my balayage or darker winter blonde for years. Ultra talented and funniest of all, he’s truly become a friend. I wash twice a week. I alternate with Olaplex nº4 purple shampoo and Leonor Greyl sublime highlights shampoo. Once a week I put on the Le Labo spirulina hair mask. But nothing beats the Tokyo treatments at David Lucas! hair I discovered the brushes of La Bonne Brosse, me who used to do my hair only with my fingers and oil on the lengths, I now try to be a better student! Laughs.”

7. Her makeup desires

“Less is more! I barely wear makeup. Hence my adoration of the multi-use lip, blush and eye palettes. My favorite is the leopard Rouje created by Jeanne Damas. With the same shade, I make up my cheeks, my mouth and my eyelids! I also really like the blushes from the Oh My Cream Skincare range & the Charnelle blush lipstick from Dior make-up. For the eyes only a (good) eyelash curler and lets go!”

8. Her fitness tips

“I’m very sporty, I practice skiing, tennis, or cardio rides on vacation. It’s vital for my morale, my energy and my job. In Paris, I go 2 to 3 times a week to Dynamo Cycling, especially in the classes of my favorites Justine and Slimane. Pedaling in the dark, the music at full blast, with ultra varied playlists for 45 minutes, it’s a total letting go, a huge kiff. I also really like going to Punch Boxing which alternates boot camp & bag boxing. 50 min and we come out in the water. I’m a cardio girl, that’s for sure…!”

9. His diet

“The rhythm of life that I have (as explained in the previous question) allows me not to be careful! There is no secret, however! I like cookies, pancakes and chocolate a little too much with fleur de sel. I am also the mother of a 9-month-old little Nala. In truth, do we really believe in this legend that says that eating sweets gives little girls?! Laughs.”

10. Her anti-stress trick

“I discovered hypnosis two years ago and it calmed me down a lot. Both in my interior and in my work. It requires concentration and acidity but it brings me a lot.”

Photo credits: India Lange

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