When to use a Gua Sha for the body?

When to use a Gua Sha for the body?

Use a gua sha stone to realize anti cellulite massage is a great idea. Léa Krakovitch, beautician and founder of the institute “Les Jolies Pommettes” gives us several indications in order to adopt the right reflexes.

What are the benefits of Gua Sha on the body?

This technique can offer many virtues. It facilitates, in fact, blood circulation (ideal, therefore, for swollen legs and edema), the elimination of toxins as well as the regeneration of muscles after physical activity.

the Gua Sha also helps to fight against cellulite and make the skin smoother. “This type of massage will stimulate the different layers of the skin, even the deepest,” explains the expert. Before specifying: “to obtain good results, the Gua Sha method must be carried out at least three times a week. It is, moreover, all the more effective when it is done in addition to lymphatic drainage and brushing dry regularly.”

Gua Sha: which stone to choose for a body massage?

We will favor, if possible, a Gua Sha in quartz (and not in plastic). This stone is particularly renowned for its soothing and draining properties. It would thus help to stimulate the circulatory systems and relieve pain.

In addition, for a body massage, we will choose a Gua Sha stone a little larger than that intended for facial treatment. In the majority of cases, prices vary between 60 and 80 euros.

For maneuvers, always start from the extremities of your body (i.e. the toes and fingers) and go up towards the heart. Be aware, however, that it is useless to make a thousand quick round trips. Five to ten massages on one side of the leg (inner or outer) can be enough if done with good pressure, pressing well. “You have to feel a mini-warm-up, at least in the areas where the fat is located, to have long-term results”, underlines Léa Krakovitch.

What oil to use with a Gua Sha?

Contrary to what one might think, it is preferable not to use a slimming cream or a specific oil with a Gua Sha. “By using this type of product, we will go less hard, so there will be less pressure and, ultimatelyfew results”, indicates the expert. If you really cannot do without it, bet on an oil containing active ingredients which act effectively against orange peel skin, like pomegranate oil.

Gua Sha for a body massage: what are the dangers?

there is no dangers with the Gua Sha stone, provided, of course, that you know how to use it. Thus, for a massage, never go with the point but with the round side of the stone. In addition, to avoid any risk of injury, perform slow and firm maneuvers. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a. expert in an upstream institute in order to master the right gestures.

Finally, if you use massage oils, always check if you are not allergic to them. Then perform a test by placing a few drops on your wrist and wait 48 hours. If redness and/or irritation are observed, do not use this treatment.

>>> A big thank you to Léa Krakovitch, facialist and founder of the Les Jolies Pommettes institute for her availability and her many advices.

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