why are you going to succumb to the Aquatouch treatment?

why are you going to succumb to the Aquatouch treatment?

Our skin is our temple. We take care of it. And we want to give him the best treatments that she deserves. Outside of our skincare routine that we apply to the letter, there are treatments to be done in an institute that considerably change the state of our skin. And when you’re gloomy, it’s a bit of a last resort. And we know it, the secret of a looking good and of a magnificent glow is hydration. The more dehydrated your skin, the duller your complexion will be. With this new you will have a result in only thirty minutes. All during a moment of relaxation and voluptuousness, so why deprive yourself of it?

AquaTouch, what is it?

Behind the doors of a confidential and elegant address, hides the High Performance Care Center (CSHP). It is the first aesthetic medicine center without surgery in Europe. If it is a space of well-being and beauty, it is also a pioneer in terms of techniques and high-quality medico-aesthetic acts and at the forefront of the latest innovations, all in an ultra-modern and friendly atmosphere.

No wonder they have exclusivity on skincare AquaTouch, so. A purely concentrated hydrogen treatment that provides hydration and dramatically beautifies the skin in just five steps.

AquaTouch: the 5 steps of care

In just 30 minutes, this treatment promises stunning results. For deep clean your skin and rid it of its impurities while stimulating the production of collagen, the treatment consists of five steps.

  • Deep cleaning of pores
  • Gentle peeling, antioxidant removing dander and impurities
  • Hydration with active hydrogen
  • Electroporation: this is an electrode that penetrates the active ingredients
  • Double facelift which stimulates the natural collagen of the skin

Good to know: no step is painful.

AquaTouch: the benefits of this treatment

Practicable on all skin types, on men and women, this treatment allows you better blood circulation and optimal stimulation of the epidermis. Your skin texture is significantly refined and your complexion is refreshed. It is recommended for prone skin acnedry skin, skin that has redness or even skin damaged by the sun and tobacco.

Its effectiveness lies in three solutions used to cleanse the skin and to nourish it.

  • AHA (Alpha Hydroxyl Acid): erases blackheads and microcysts acne thanks to its surface peeling role.
  • BHA (Beta Hydroxyl Acid): anti-inflammatory and soothing, it is effective on redness
  • Hydration (moisturizing composition): this solution soothes and hydrates after peeling solutions

To carry out this treatment it will be necessary to pay 170€ for a session of 45 minutes.

Address: 12 Rue de Ponthieu, 75008 Paris 8

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