Kate Middleton, the secrets of her royal beauty

Kate Middleton, the secrets of her royal beauty

Impeccable styling, always perfect make-up and a radiant face have elevated Kate Middleton to the rank of world icon. Beauty portrait of the Princess of Wales.

Since her marriage to Prince William, Kate Middleton has not ceased to arouse admiration in the beauty sphere. She captivated the world with her natural charisma and air of girl next door. From her signature bun to her favorite scent to her gym routine, here are all the secrets of her royal beauty.

Kate Middleton masters the art of the bun like no other. So much so that this hairstyle, which goes perfectly with her chic and trendy look, has become her hair signature. Since 2011, she always comes back to a bun in particular: the low bun. Worn at the lower back of the neck, it is sometimes braided, beaded, twisted or to the side. If the Princess of Wales accessorizes this cut with sumptuous hats for special occasions, the low bun is also suitable for her daily outings. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Isolate two strands on each side of the face.
  2. Pancake the back of the skull.
  3. Tie hair in a low ponytail.
  4. Slightly lower the elastic and create a hole above.
  5. Pass the lengths inside the hole.
  6. Tighten the elastic.
  7. Tie the bottom of the lengths with an elastic.
  8. Roll the hair around the fingers until you get a bun.
  9. Secure everything with bobby pins.
  10. Wrap the front locks around the bun.

What is Kate Middleton’s perfume?

Just like us, Kate Middleton has her favorite perfume. As the future Queen of England, she turned to a famous British perfumer: Jo Malone. Founded in 1994, the House attracts many celebrities. For her part, the wife of Prince William is a follower of theOrange Blossom cologne. A scent that is fresh, sweet and sparkling at the same time, which perfectly suits its rank. Inside, we find orange blossom, clementine, water lily, iris and balsamic vetiver. White Gardenia Petals from the Illuminum brand is also one of his favorites. This is also the perfume she wore on her wedding day.

What is Kate Middleton’s makeup?

If her buns are often copied, Kate Middleton’s make-up is just as inspiring. The princess imposes her “effortless chic” style on each of her appearances. Her signature beauty look? A nude and glowing complexion, perfectly groomed natural eyebrows, cheeks enhanced with a blush and a line of black pencil, bringing out the green in his eyes. On a daily basis, the mother of Georges, Charlotte and Louis allows herself only a few modifications, her image having to respond to royal protocol. Rule ? Keep a simple and natural look. For example, she is not allowed to wear red lipstick or flashy eye shadow. This does not, however, prevent him frommatch her makeup to her outfits to assert its personality.

What sport does Kate Middleton practice?


Despite her royal obligations and her fast life, Kate Middleton takes the time to practice physical activity. The new Princess of Wales is clearly not afraid to sweat to keep the line. She has had a simple and effective sports routine for several years. Among his favorite activities are yoga, cycling, skiing or running. When she’s not putting on her running sneakers, the young woman is at the gym. In order to work on her tone, she would practice crossfit and sheathing every day. The one who is godmother of the SportsAid association, in support of young British athletes, would be a tennis fan. We find it as much in the stands of Wimbledon as the racket in hand.

What are her beauty secrets?

At 40, Kate Middleton displays skin that is still as smooth as ever. His secret? the natural botox. According to several international media, the princess would be a fervent follower of the Supreme Skin Gel sign Biotulin to look ten years younger. One of the main assets of this product is spilanthol, a local anesthetic known to limit muscle contractions. The serum is also enriched with Imperata Cylindrica, an herb native to tropical regions that ensures a hydrated epidermis. Results ? The skin is firmed and wrinkles are smoothed, all without aesthetic medicine! Unlike botulinum toxin, this method does not freeze facial expressions.

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