She replaces her powder with deodorant, the result is INCREDIBLE

She replaces her powder with deodorant, the result is INCREDIBLE

Rather than using complexion products to mattify your skin, this beauty influencer came up with the contrived idea of ​​slathering deodorant stick on her face. Quickly going viral, his video accounts for nearly 200,000 likes. Thousands of Internet users also reacted in comments, amazed by the result. However, this trick can quickly prove dangerous.

Who has never dreamed of displaying a flawless complexion ? More and more make-up and beauty products promise a unifying and mattifying effect, in all circumstances. This is particularly the case with powder, which sets the foundation. Among its benefits? She leaves a perfecting veil which smoothes skin texture and reduces the appearance of pores. An essential product for all beauty addicts. However, TikTokeuse @molchanovamua found an equally effective product, and cheaper.

@molchanovamuadeodorant as a powder😳♬ Drip Too Hard – Lil Baby & Gunna

Deodorant to mattify your skin

The new product to adopt in your beauty routine according to the influencer? the stick deodorant ! The active ingredients contained in the product would help maintain a matte complexion. The young woman has, moreover, demonstrated on video. She first appears with makeup on, after applying foundation. She then applies the deodorant all over her face. It is then possible to see the shiny areas fade after applying the stick.

The TikTokeuse does not specify what type of deodorant should be used to obtain the same result as her. It is nevertheless possible to see in her video that she made the choice of a stick format. Ball and spray deodorants would therefore not have the same effects. However, if the preferred ingredients are not indicated in the clip, a dermatologist has, for its part, affirmed that adverse side effects could occur, regardless of the product chosen.

A popular trick on TikTok

The pretty brunette gives very few indications in her TikTok clip. She recommends applying the product to the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Only her expression shows that she herself is amazed by the results. However, some Internet users remain skeptics about applying deodorant to the face. ” Is it good for the skin? asks a young woman. “ Hello pimples the next day “, shared another internet user. Of the doubts corroborated by skin specialists.

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Dermatologists who warn about adverse effects

According to Dr. Christine Choi Kim, “ using antiperspirant or deodorant on the face can lead to irritationof the allergic reactions and possibly rashes “. The practitioner also questions the mattifying effect of the product on the face. “ Deodorant alone only masks odors. Antiperspirants prevent sweating from occurring “, she told the media Seventeen.

The specialist shared her recommendation to display a flawless complexion, without risking damaging her skin. ” I would use a product specifically designed to keep your face matte, like a mattifying gel “, she said. If TikTok is full of beauty tips of all kinds, it is however best to to remain vigilant before reproducing a technique acclaimed on the social network. The advice of a specialist is always welcome before any change in your beauty routine.

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