Vinésime, the perfecting care lotion –

Vinésime, the perfecting care lotion -

Today, we present to you a little novelty at Vinésime, the skincare range made from concentrated pinot noir from Gevrey Chambertin (a few kilometers from Dijon in the Côte d’Or): the perfecting skincare lotion. Suffice to say that the little Burgundian in me was delighted to discover this little novelty. We tell you more.

Vinésime, the vine as you have never seen it

Vinésime draws its effectiveness from the heart of the Burgundy vineyards and the excellence of its natural concentrates. By formulating ever more effective scientific treatments, Vinésime is committed to new cosmetics that convey meaning and values. The extraordinary new formula of the A2OC complex, combining concentrated pinot noir from Gevrey-Chambertin and blackcurrant buds from Burgundy, offers the guarantee of cell renewal. Vinésime then offers its users the best of French cosmetics.

Perfecting care lotion – Vinésime – 200 ml – 65€

The perfecting care lotion – 65€ – 200ml

Originally from Beaune (also known for its wines but also for having welcomed Louis de Funès for “la Grande Vadrouille”), the Burgundian that I am could not miss the opportunity to talk about a brand from her region! I would never have thought one day that I could use grapes from my region in one of my cosmetic treatments. I find the idea first of all very ingenious and I salute the initiative of Vinésime for having been able to sublimate Burgundy even more thanks to its care.

I then had the pleasure of testing the perfecting care lotion from Vinésime. First, when I opened my package, a delicious smell came out. I hadn’t yet opened my care that I was already charmed. When I opened the perfecting care lotion, this delicate smell of fruit that I know only too well came to tickle my nostrils. A real delight.

The perfecting care lotion test

Then the test! When you apply the lotion to the cotton, you already have an aqueous liquid, a bit like a gel (but it’s more fluid). Once on the face, we feel all the aromas emerge and it is a real moment of pleasure. The advantage of this lotion is that it is suitable even for my sensitive skin. You can use it both as a pre-care or tonic before your serum and moisturizer. Personally I used it both in the morning and in the evening. In the morning to awaken the radiance of my skin and hydrate it and in the evening to provide the necessary hydration for the night.

In the end, with its active ingredients of marine origin, which strengthen the skin barrier, to maintain skin hydration and thus reduce the signs of time, the skin is renewed and the skin texture refined, for a smoother appearance! In short, we love it! In addition, with the lightening active ingredient with antioxidant action, the complexion is much brighter. Something to love Burgundy and all its heritage even more.

We loved testing this perfecting care lotion and we highly recommend it!

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