Well-being: 10 treatments to relieve the body after sport

Well-being: 10 treatments to relieve the body after sport

It has been clearly demonstrated that regular physical activity can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and the risk of high blood pressure. It improves the body’s endurance, increases resistance and flexibility. After exercise, comfort in 10 products.

After long-lasting, high-intensity or unusual physical activity, it is normal to feel some fatigue, a feeling of weariness or muscle pain. If aches occur in the days that follow, this is completely normal, especially when the body has not been used for a long time: the muscles must get used to these efforts again.

However, practicing a sport or physical activity on a regular basis helps maintain the body and reduce the effects of stress on the mind. But a very intensive sports activity can cause negative effects on the body such as the appearance of injuries or micro traumas, which will later cause serious problems for the joints.

Tips for exercising without injury

  • Get plenty of oxygen by inhaling and exhaling deeply throughout the session.
  • Equip yourself properly by choosing quality equipment adapted to sports practice. For example, for joggers, a suitable pair of trainers that protects, over the long term, the ankles and knees put to the test when practicing this sport.
  • Finish the sports session with a few stretches to loosen the muscles and relax gently.

The selection of treatments to relieve your body (before, during and…) after sport

1. TRIGOPAX: This treatment has been specially designed to protect, appease and to fix the skin in case of repeated rubbing and maceration causing irritation and redness inside the skin folds, especially the sporty. Trigopax contains the Amihope, powder with lubricating powers 4 times greater than that of talc. These specific assets limit maceration and friction while promoting epidermis repair.

2. ARNICAN MASSAGE OIL: Organic Arnican massage oil has been designed to soothe sensitive areas, thanks to its formula based on natural active ingredients – arnica, wintergreen and harpagophytum – specially selected for their soothing and restorative properties.

To be used in massage on sensitive areas, it does not leave a greasy film and penetrates quickly into the skin.

3. MY COACH SHOWER GEL! : This shower gel is the energizing ally for the shower after a good workout. A invigorating cocktail that awakens the senses, tones the skin and increases self-confidence. Showered and energizedonce applied, goodbye dimples and hello the firmness of a body clean and dynamic. This shower gel fresh scent and sparkling moisturizes the skin and makes it radiant and energetic. It provides an intense feeling of freshness and leaves a veil of stimulating perfume conducive to good mood.

4. HEMP + WARMING BALM: Provides warmth to help warm up and prepare with the Heating Balmto be applied before exercise.

5. HEMP + COOLING BALM: The balm is applied directly on the skin and delivers a cooling effect which allows relieve muscles and joints mobilized during the effort. The different extracts and peppermint combine to soothe, cool and leave a naturally minty scent on your skin. Enriched with CBD.

6. HEMP+ CRYOGENIC GEL: Provides instant muscle relief and improved circulation with Cryogenic Freezeto apply after the shower in massage.

7. BLEND RECOVERY TREATMENT: When ritual plants of Madagascar invite themselves into a routine. The Recovery Blend is a targeted treatment for muscle contractures. It is ideal as a relaxing massage after exercise. Thanks to a basis of 5 vegetable oils rich in omega 3, 6 and 9, with relaxing properties, it significantly improves muscle comfort. (Available from January 2022)

8. MULTI-USE BALM THE LITTLE PRODIGES : The magic balm multi-purpose that is suitable for the face, body or hair is ideal for repair, nourish and soothe weakened areas. Its solid texture softens on contact with the skin, transforming into light oil for optimal nutritional and restorative effectiveness. Its neutral fragrance and its natural composition rich in Vitamin E and Arnicaperfectly suitable for sensitive skins to repair targeted areas such as scarsthem stretch marks and eczema.

9. THE PEACEKEEPER PROTECTIVE BALM PAI: The Peacekeeper Protective Balm repairs, nourishes and soothes while strengthening the skin. L’Buriti oil protects and thekukui oil repair the most damaged skin. The Calendula extracts it contains are perfect anti-inflammatories that instantly relieve irritation. The Peacekeeper is the SOS balm that reduces areas of dryness and repairs the driest and most irritated skin, from lips to hands, elbows and feet.

10. BARIÉDERM URIAGE INSULATING REPAIRING CREAM: This protective and restorative cream is the ideal treatment for weakened skin following various attacks: thighs that rub, overheating, etc. Its innovative formula allows it toinsulate and protect against external aggressions, while repairing the epidermis. Its enrichment in Uriage Thermal Water immediately and durably soothes irritations and feelings of discomfort.

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