Back to school in style – Moroccan Ladies

Back to school in style - Moroccan Ladies

The golden rule of hydration

There is no secret. Having beautiful skin also requires hydration. Whatever your skin type, the golden rule is to bet on a formula that is both healthy-looking and moisturizing. Indeed, the more the skin is hydrated and well nourished, the more it is plumped up, and the better it captures the light and gains in radiance. Also enjoy the benefits of the night by applying a moisturizing mask just before falling asleep. Result: as soon as you wake up, your skin is smoother and softer.
Our advice : Treat yourself to a steam bath with a few drops of essential oil. This treatment purifies the pores, obtains clean, toxin-free skin and revives cellular micro-circulation.

our selection :

Instant beauty enhancing moisturizer, Dior.

Velvety face moisturizer with Organic Aloe Vera, Yves Rocher.

Very active lotion, alcohol-free, Anti Imperfection, Mixa.

Protective Cream, Herbal Essentials.

Ultra moisturizing infusion cream, Hydropeptide.

Skin Protectant, Eight Hour Cream, Elizabeth Arden.

Moisturizing toner with cucumber extracts & rose water, Herbal Essentials.

Gentle cleaning

Enough weakened by the sun, the skin needs a lot of softness. Opt for make-up removers with light textures, such as micellar waters or jellies of natural origins that will bring freshness. Use a product suitable for your skin, and if necessary, rinse your face with cool water. A cotton pad soaked in refreshing tonic and a moisturizer should complete this morning routine.

Our advice : take advantage of your daily care to massage your face. Alternate light tapping and slightly more forceful movements. All without ever pulling on the skin so as not to relax its tissues.

our selection :

Gentle Cleansing Gel with Tropical Resins, Sisley.

Micellar Cleansing Water 2 in 1, Pure Algue, Yves Rocher.

Zero made green cleansing balm, Commleaf.

Hydrating toner, Hydra vegetal, Yves Rocher.

Skin Relief Perfect Cleansing Oil, Commleaf.

Morning energy, Shine Control Clean & Clear Johnson & Johnson.

Soap-free cleansing gel, anti-imperfection, Mixa.

A perfect complexion

To display a healthy glow, complexion make-up is an essential step because it helps to even out the complexion, camouflage imperfections and highlight your face naturally. A long-lasting concealer is your ally to conceal imperfections. Choose it the same color as your complexion and apply it in small touches. Indispensable, the concealer allows you to erase the traces of fatigue. Choose it in a shade lighter than your skin tone to intensify the radiance of your eyes. After these steps, it is time to apply the foundation, the choice of which depends on your complexion and your skin type. If you have a dark complexion, choose an apricot, and if you have a pink complexion, choose beige. In general, fluid textures are suitable for fine skin and compact foundations are recommended for combination skin. Then use a translucent powder so as not to change the color. With a large round brush, powder the shiny parts, and dab with a tissue to remove the excess.

Our advice : bet on lightness to let the skin breathe. Use as few products as possible to avoid clogging pores and smothering skin.

our selection :

Clinique Superbalanced Makeup Perfect Balance Foundation.

Phyto-teint nude, Sisley Paris.

Diorskin Nude Compact Powder, Christian Dior.

Natural finish loose universal powder, Chanel.

Healthy glow powder, Guerlain.

Covermatte Powder Compact 12h Dermablend, Vichy.

Lasting fix foundation spray, Maybelline New York.

Complexion serum, Perfecting and protective tinted serum, Biologique Recherche.

Illigh rescue, corrector-care, Miré-cosmetics.

Terracotta Touch, Guerlain.

The blush

Powder blush, cream blush or even liquid blush… You are spoiled for choice to bring a natural and healthy-looking effect to your face. For a natural effect, bet on the trios of powders that combine bronzer, blush and highlighter. Enough to enhance the complexion and the cheekbones and illuminate the face! To fix everything and keep a perfect complexion all day, sweep your face with a mineral powder that camouflages and soothes small redness.

Our advice : if you are still lucky enough to have tanned skin, opt for a sunscreen powder enriched with pure ocher pigments. If this is not the case, bet on a pink blush for the lightest skin or peach for darker complexions.

our selection :

Phyto-Blush Twist, Huda Beauty.

Sheertone Blush, MAC

Silk Matte Liquid Lipstick, Flormar.

Terry by densiliss blush, Terry.

Baked Blush On, Flormar.

An intense gaze

For a better definition of the look, redraw or fill in your eyebrows with a pencil, then brush them upwards. You can set them with eyebrow mascara. Reveal the radiance of your eyes with an iridescent eye shadow, in warm colors or bronze smoky eyes. Last touch, the mascara to lengthen and give volume to your eyelashes.

Our advice : emphasize the beauty of your look with a brown or black mascara, or a fairly discreet line of pencil.

our selection :

Eyeliner, Yves Rocher.

Mascara, Yan & One

Roll one look youth, Yves Rocher.

Sublimate the fundamental essence of the eyes, Chanel.

Soft eye Pencil, Delia.

Mascara Vinyl StillLife, Yves Saint Laurent.

A luscious mouth

Lipsticks with fruity and lively tones are perfect for those who wish to awaken their complexion. To boost their healthy glow effect, choose their finish according to that of your complexion make-up. If your foundation is rather luminous, display satin or matte lips. If your skin has a powdery finish, play up the contrasts with shinny lips. You can also opt for a transparent gloss for luscious lips naturally.

Our advice : avoid putting too much product on the lip because matte lipstick tends to dry out and mark all the folds of the mouth.

our selection :

Color Riche Matte Obsession, L’Oreal.

Kiss Kiss lipstick, Guerlain.

Matte liquid lipstick, Morockin Lips, Yan&One.

The absolute gloss night and day, Lancôme.

Derma Blend, SOS cover stick, Vichy.

Velvet matte lipstick, Golden Rose.

Silk Matte Liquid Lipstick, Flormar.



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