In Biarritz, the Saint-Julien hotel is getting a makeover

In Biarritz, the Saint-Julien hotel is getting a makeover

A new generation of hoteliers, the Ginto Group does not hesitate to shake up the codes to provide its customers with ever greater quality of service and friendliness. Thus, the Saint-Julien hotel acquired by the Group in 2021 has just closed its doors for a transformation between tradition and modernity. We keep the same family atmosphere but we add additional rooms and some transformations emblematic of the neo-Basque style and decoration. All concocted by local designers who proudly wear the colors of the region !

A few steps from the market of Les Halles and the Côte des Basques, the Saint-Julien is one of the oldest establishments in Biarritz. Bought by the Ginto Group, a past master in the art of renewing the neighborhood hotel industry, the place quickly established itself as a trendy and essential address in the Basque city. But the building built in 1895 needed some thoughtful renovations. Enough to improve both the customer experience and the working conditions of employees to better prepare for the future.

Preserve the soul of the building

Officially closed since 1er last October, the Hotel Saint-Julien will reopen its doors in May of next year. Seven months of work will indeed be necessary to transform the common areas and rearrange the establishment with a clever mix of yesteryear and modernity.

First improvement and not the least, 6 bedrooms will be added, including 4 with outdoor spaces. In these additional bedrooms, the atmosphere will be resolutely cozy: textile headboard, soft lighting and a rounded daybed-like bench seat. In the bathrooms, a mix of designer basins and beautifully colored graphic tiles.

The entrance to the hotel, the landing and the stairwell will be reworked: fresco wallpaper on the ceiling, reupholstered furniture, signage and redesigned color palette, play of lights and mottled decoration. Between wood, raffia and wicker, the small living room will give pride of place to custom-made furniture and natural materials. While the breakfast room will sport a resolutely vitaminized look.

To preserve the spirit of the neo-Basque house, most of the old moldings and parquet floors will be kept. In addition, a good number of doors will be redesigned according to a classic arching of Basque architecture. Finally, the basement will be reorganized to accommodate luggage storage and the rooms of seasonal workers.

Passionate local designers

To redesign the Saint-Julien while retaining its spirit “ vacation home and its incredible cachet, the Ginto Group called on two service providers based in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, who are as specialized as they are passionate.

Based in Bordeaux, the interior design agency Crème has made the clients of the establishment the leitmotif of its project. “ We imagined them landing on the porch of this beautiful residence, scrambling to unpack their suitcases to finally put on a pair of sneakers and a bathing suit. Hence a search for aesthetics and new circulation options taking into account the uses of this iconic Biarritz building, between a family home and a friendly summer hotspot.

Based in Biarritz itself, the Rose Design agency specializes in high-end private residences and hotel projects. Inspired by the spirit like at home » that reigns in the place, Rose Design has sought to create the perfect alliance between authenticity and the anchored memories of customers and staff, very attached to the hotel. His roadmap ? A redesigned decor, full of life and refined, both contemporary and timeless.

About Hotel Saint-Julien
The Saint-Julien hotel belongs to Ginto Hotels: The group was born in 2016 from a common desire to renew the neighborhood hotel industry, by placing these values ​​at the heart of the customer experience. This requires a constant search for perfection so that guests can have the best possible experience during their stay. The particularity of the group is to develop its own hotels (4 addresses to date) while putting its expertise in Revenue Management and Digital Marketing at the service of other independent hotels.

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