Pink October ended in style with the concert of the South West Symphony Orchestra – LOURDES-ACTU

Pink October ended in style with the concert of the South West Symphony Orchestra – LOURDES-ACTU

This Sunday, October 30 at 5 p.m., at the Robert Hossein space, Pink October ended in style with the concert of the South West Symphony Orchestra, in the presence of the Deputy Mayor Odette MINVIELLE-LAROUSSE, the Deputy Municipal Councilor Eric NONON.

The spectators attended a high quality concert in a room with perfect acoustics with major musical works under the direction of Alain PERPETUE, former Director of the conservatory of Tarbes.



Odette MINVIELLE-LAROUSSE excused Mayor Thierry LAVIT traveling abroad. Said she was very happy to be present at this quality charity concert organized by La Ligue 65 contre le cancer. “An intensive month of Pink October in Lourdes with the participation of the City, municipal employees, sports associations, cultural associations, neighborhood associations, retirement homes, Third Place, traders, businesses… which ends today in the best of ways. I leave the floor to Annette CUQ whom I congratulate for her dedication…”

Speech by Annette CUQ:

Annette CUQ, President of La Ligue 65 contre le cancer

Annette CUQ thanked the Municipality, the municipal employees of Espace Robert Hossein, those of Communication and Events, the Conductor and the musicians, the volunteers of La Ligue and the spectators. She recalled that Pink October was a communication operation on breast cancer screening.

“Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women with 60,000 new cases per year in France and is the leading cause of cancer death in women (12,000/year). This is why our duty is to pass on the message to all women aged 50 to 74 so that they get screened by having a mammogram every 2 years. Screening can save lives.

After a month of October very oriented towards sports activities, we also wanted to highlight the benefits of art therapy. The interest of artistic and cultural practices and in particular listening to music on cancer patients has been demonstrated by acting on fatigue, lack of appetite, nausea, anxiety. And by helping to reduce the side effects of treatments such as pain, stress, anxiety and depression.

This is why the Departmental Committee of the League against Cancer offers you to close this month of October devoted to the promotion of breast cancer screening, a magnificent concert of classical music whose theme will be “Loves and Legends”. . What a beautiful title that makes the link between the breast and love!

This very high quality concert is offered by the Orchester Symphonique du Sud-Ouest under the musical direction of Alain PERPETUE, former Director of the Tarbes Conservatory, who immediately responded favorably to my request.

A big THANK YOU to the City of Lourdes who graciously provided us with the staff and the Espace Robert Hossein. Thanks to Fred and Rodolphe always available.

Thank you all for coming this evening for this moment of sharing and love in the plural.

And now for the music!

I give the floor to Alain PERPETUE to present the orchestra and the program. »

Speech by Alain PERPETUE

Alain PERPETUE presents the orchestra and the program

He thanked Annette CUQ and La Ligue 65 contre le cancer: “The 45 musicians of the orchestra and I are delighted to play in this magnificent space and for a charitable cause. We are going to perform works by Edvard GRIEG, Gabriel FAURÉ, Richard WAGNER, Ernest CHAUSSON, 4 major works from the symphonic repertoire from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th. They show the reciprocal influences between literature, music and painting up to the present day…”

La Ligue volunteers served a snack to the musicians

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