what we know after the death of a family in Carantec

what we know after the death of a family in Carantec

After the horror, the investigation. While all the members of a family were found dead on Sunday in their house in Carantec, in Finistère, the investigations supposed to shed light on the tragedy are advancing.

A home that is shattered, growing tensions within the couple, and a woman who reports an act of violence by her spouse ten days before the macabre discovery. The circumstances surrounding the death of the Urien family in their house in Carantec, Finistère, are gradually becoming clearer in the light of the investigations.

BFMTV.com takes stock, two days after the discovery of the lifeless bodies of Gaëtan Urien, his wife Florence and their two daughters.

• Four dead bodies discovered on Sunday

It was Sunday that the gendarmes discovered the horror. Alerted by Florence Urien’s mother, who was worried about her daughter’s radio silence since the day before, they moved to the house she occupied with her husband Gaëtan, and their 11 and 8-year-old daughters. Accommodation located about three kilometers from the center of Carantec, in an area described as peaceful by West France.

On the ground floor, they discovered the body, hanged, of Gaëtan Urien. Florence Urien was lying in her bedroom, as were her daughters.

• Expected autopsies

An investigation for intentional homicide was opened in the wake of the Brest prosecutor’s office. With a very strong presumption around a main suspect: the father of the family, suspected of having killed his family before ending his life.

Monday evening, the public prosecutor of Brest Camille Miansoni also said more about the expertise to come, and the lessons to be expected. While there is little doubt that Gaëtan Urien’s death was the result of his hanging, he stressed that the bodies of Florence Urien and the two girls would be autopsied at the Brest Forensic Institute, where the remains have already been transported. The test results are expected on Friday.

Insofar as the corpses did not present an “external injury”, the trail of poisoning which is considered.

• A couple in conflict

What is the motive for this massacre? “The drama seems to be part of a context of separation of the couple,” said a statement from the prosecution on Sunday.

The public prosecutor gave details on the evolution of relations within the household and on the steps taken by Florence Urien to get out of it. The magistrate thus revealed that she had gone on October 19 to the gendarmerie of Saint-Pol-de-Léon, in Finistère, to report “the conflicting situation” agitating her home and above all having received a slap – the October 8 – from her husband to whom she had just announced her intention of leaving him and moving in with her parents with her children, the time to turn around.

However, she did not wish to file a complaint, and insisted on explaining that this was the first act of domestic violence suffered in thirteen years of living together.

“She considers (then) that it is not appropriate to take legal action on this, but she prefers to report it,” explained the prosecutor to journalists.

• Profiles of spouses

Investigators are therefore interested in the dynamics within the couple, and the profiles of the two spouses. Gaëtan Urien was 41 years old, and had notably been employed in a funeral home. Florence Urien, 38, was an employee of Domitys, a residence agency for seniors, as a sales representative.

According to the testimony of a relative of Florence, she had told her desire to separate from her husband three weeks beforehand. The wife had depicted to this friend a morose husband, subject to outbursts of anger that were all the more impressive because they stemmed from apparently ridiculous facts, such as pancake batter that was too runny, or a glass broken by simple clumsiness.

“Florence just wanted to live peacefully, more in fear. (…) She wanted to rebuild herself with her daughters”, testified this relative to BFMTV.

According to our information, Gaëtan Urien was having a hard time with this decision and the imminent end of his relationship. This came from afar, however, because, still according to this friend, Florence Urien had already thought of ending her relationship with her companion in 2017, before changing her mind after the latter assured her that he was taking care of himself. Shortly before this tragic outcome revealed on Sunday, Florence Urien however learned that her husband had in fact never seen a psychologist.

However, it appears that Florence Urien, who was delighted with her new start, did not harbor a grudge against her husband.

“She just wanted to be happy, for the girls to stop seeing the arguments. She even wanted him to be happy too, she told me that he had gone to a restaurant with some friends. She was delighted that he was going out, she wanted him to rebuild on his side”, even affirmed this relative of the deceased.

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