Wind, heat, salt, chlorine… How to take care of your hair in summer

Wind, heat, salt, chlorine... How to take care of your hair in summer

In summer, we avoid the dryer and favor neutral pH shampoos. Getty Images/EyeEm

Under the sun, at the beach, at the pool or in town, you can adapt your hairstyle and your hair routine without worrying. Instructions for switching to “summer hair”.

Don’t want to go home with hay tie-dye on your head at the end of the summer? We follow the advice of Damien Boissinot, hairstylist René Furterer to take care of his hair during the holidays and find them in full health at the start of the school year.

We adjust its color

The pigments mainly oxidize with the chlorine in swimming pools. The sea and the wind do not turn the color but lighten the blondes, attenuate the contrasting highlighted effects, “brown” the brunettes and dull the redheads. So no need to carry out too sophisticated sweeping work upstream, we reserve it for the start of the school year. The right reflex? Opt for a darker blond, favor cold reflections for chestnuts and try a Venetian blond with a chic patina for copper heads. A tip to prevent the loss of pigments: press half an avocado to make a fluid pomade and apply this “natural conditioner” to the lengths and ends before the beach or the pool. In the sun, its lipids provide a protective effect, unlike oils with a too acidic pH.

We protect them

Today, solar capillaries go one step further, with velvet gels, delicate oils or invisible mists. In addition to their filters and their anti-salt and anti-chlorine complex, they have a strong sensual potential and serve as hair styling. The oil adapts to thick hair and mixes with dexterity on the lengths and ends; the gel is the friend of straight hair and offers a wet-shimmer side; the mist adapts to all. The imperative: rinse them well with clean water after each bath (failing a shower, with Evian water) and apply the product to towel-dried hair.

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We comb lightly

In summer, we (un)cover ourselves, we walk barefoot, we change our complexion. Adapting your hair routine to these parameters is celebrating your nature… The curly lengths gain freedom with this gesture: using a dab of moisturizer, twist each strand with your finger to smooth the hair while by printing a nice movement. In any case, avoid the dryer, switch your brush for a wide-toothed comb that detangles while respecting the structure. And for the shampoo? We opt for a formula that neutralizes unwanted reflections or with a neutral pH, which we dilute with a spoonful of organic cider vinegar. Leave on for two minutes and emulsify. Finally, this summer the scarf is the accessory with a thousand possibilities. The right move? Turn it on itself so that it gains height!

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