7 face treatments with fruit acids, allies of perfect skin

7 face treatments with fruit acids, allies of perfect skin

During the change of season, and more particularly in the fall, the complexion becomes duller, less radiant. To remedy this, at home, in a minimum of time, nothing better than a superficial chemical peel. (without rubbing), as opposed to mechanical peeling, or scrubbing, with grains. These exfoliants, highly concentrated in AHA (alpha hydroxy acids, such as glycolic acid or lactic acid…) or BHA (beta hydroxy acid such as salicylic acid for example), are derivatives of sugars extracted from fruits (lemon, apple, papaya, grape, etc.), plants or dairy products. Chemical peels, in liquid form – lotion, essence, tonic, etc. – exfoliate, cleanse the surface skin and accelerate the cell renewal phenomenon by eliminating the superficial layer of dead cells. As a result, the quality of the skin is improved. Smoother, it regains softness to the touch, firmness, the complexion is brighter, the impression of rejuvenated skin. This beauty gesture increases the absorption of moisturizing products that finalize the routine (serum, cream, oil, etc.). For sensitive and reactive skin, prefer lactic acid, which is milder.

The brand’s best-seller, this peel with a high dose of fruit acids (glycolic acid, phytic acid from rice and pomegranate enzymes, etc.) eliminates dead cells, reduces pigment spots and imperfections. Used daily, it promotes cell renewal. On the surface, the skin texture is refined, wrinkles and fine lines reduced, the complexion regains its luster. “Perfecting Peel”, ORYZA LAB. €53, 100ml.

This lactic acid formula gently exfoliates and boosts hydration, willow bark cleanses while azelaic acid fades dark spots. The effect is instantaneous and stunning, the skin becomes smooth and regains softness to the touch. Prefer use at night to avoid photosensitivity. Not suitable for sensitive skin. “Ready Steady Glow Toning Lotion”, REN. €34, 100ml.

This super facial toner with fermented extracts of aloe, helichrysum, lactic acid, rice, myrtle and lentisk provides gentle daily exfoliation. It hydrates the epidermis while strengthening and balancing the microbiome. Immediately, the texture of the skin is refined, the complexion is brighter. “The Fermen’tonic”, SEED TO SKIN. 85 euros, 100 ml.

This exfoliating water guarantees flawless skin, such is the promise of Lumipell. Its formula based on highly concentrated active ingredients (PHA, papaya enzymes, prickly pear and white mulberry root) refines the texture of the skin and visibly reduces imperfections. The complexion regains its natural radiance. Suitable for all skin types. “Lumipeel”, VALMONT. 120 euros, 150 ml.

On clean skin, this lotion with a three-in-one care formula exfoliates, purifies and hydrates the epidermis. With the house’s signature TFC8 complex, which nourishes and protects the skin while stimulating and promoting cell regeneration. Ultra-concentrated phytic and salicylic acids erase imperfections, wasabi extract with antioxidant power protects against free radicals, while peony calms and soothes redness. The skin is instantly clearer, smoother, plumped and luminous. “The Essence”, AGUSTINUS BADER. €84, 100ml.

With 5% glycolic acid, this tonic lotion exfoliates and helps resurface the texture of the epidermis, pores are tightened and skin texture refined. Watermelon extract and aloe vera provide hydration. Suitable for daily use. “Tonic Peeling Lotion 5% Glycolic Acid”, L’ORÉAL PARIS. €11.99, 180ml.

Cleansing pads infused with a caring formula that exfoliates the surface of the skin with a combination of AHA, BHA, PHA acids. This non-abrasive formula removes impurities and dead cells and helps cell renewal while locking in moisture. Marshmallow extract and vitamin B3 soothe and calm irritation. The result: healthy, fresh and hydrated skin, ready to receive the following treatments. Avoid contact with eyes and eye contour. The discs are made from 100% biodegradable materials. “Rescue Peel Pads”, EVE LOM. 57 euros, the box of 60.

Photo credits: ORYZA LAB

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