After her burnout, how did this resident of Eure manage to climb the slope?

After her burnout, how did this resident of Eure manage to climb the slope?

Josiane Hunout
Josiane Hunout opened her reflexology practice on the first floor of the health center located at 57 Bis Route de Lisieux, in Pont-Audemer. ©SF

“When I broke down, I was on the road, driving my car. I started crying and screaming in pain. ” Luckily, Josiane Hunout avoids the accident and manages to stop on the roadside. We are at the beginning of February 2021.

Aged 48 at the time, the mother of the family has just become aware of the deep malaise that has been eating away at her for several years. If his mental strength has allowed him so far to hold on, his body, he lets go.

The next day, I had to make a presentation in front of the great leaders of my company. I haven’t slept all night, but I went anyway and gave this presentation. Then I called my doctor, my superior and I said stop!

Josiane Hunout

“I was in denial”

A professional life at full speed, with ever more stress and goals to achieve. After having held executive positions for pharmaceutical laboratories, Josiane Hunout can no longer take it. “I have always been a competitor. I loved my job and my clients. I was very involved in my work, but I was someone who couldn’t say no, wanting everything to be perfect. The level of requirement and the pressure that I set for myself were very high,” she admits today.

When I was told it was a burnout, I was in denial. As I was the head in the handlebars, I could no longer think and take a step back.

Back to simple things

Thanks to the help of doctors specializing in suffering at work, Josiane manages to recover over the months. “The first month, we permanently cut off our mobile phone and computer. We disconnect completely. To get back on her feet, Josiane goes back to basics: enjoying life and the simple things that surround her. “I first simply learned to go for a walk, to breathe…”

Then she does a few manual activities like making jewellery, just for fun, without worrying about anything: “By keeping my hands busy, my brain no longer thinks. And in the creation, if you try, if you are wrong, it does not matter”, she declares.

Josiane Hunout opened her reflexology practice on the first floor of the health center, Rue
Josiane Hunout has found her smile again thanks to her new profession of reflexologist in Pont-Audemer. ©SF

This period of healing allows him to reflect on his professional retraining. She then discovers reflexology.

It is a technique of gentle care, of pressure on areas and points of the body, used as an accompaniment to medical treatments.

Josiane Hunout

She adds that reflexology does not in any way replace medical treatment, but this natural discipline can relieve osteo-articular pain, reduce sleep disorders and nervous tension, fight against stress or even improve venous circulation and functioning. organs.

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An additional therapeutic alternative for the well-being of people who suffer from daily ailments

Today, Josiane Hunout has opened her own reflexology practice, in Pont-Audemer, on the first floor of the health center, Route de Lisieux: “Doing good to others makes me feel good”, admits the therapist who named her practice La biche aux pieds d’airain. A reference to the deer of Cérynie, a fantastic creature from Greek mythology, as well as a personal anecdote that marked Josiane: “The day I broke down, in my car, I came across a deer on the edge of the road. And I said to myself that she was out of place, that she should be in the forest, in nature. »

Like this doe, Josiane later understood that she too was not in her element at that time. Hence his need to change his life and finally exercise a job that suits him.

La biche aux pieds d’bronze reflexology practice, health centre, 57 Bis Route de Lisieux, 27 500 Pont-Audemer. Contact: 07 49 51 43 09. Website:

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