bring the excluded back into the healthcare system


Health mediator, an extraordinary profession

Selma Boussarou, health mediator, explains that she often has to start explaining her work because people are skeptical when they learn what she does. But everyone ends up being convinced of the usefulness of this body of work in the medical service. Mr. Franois Braun, Minister of Health even confirmed on October 3, 2022, during the opening of the National Council for Refoundation (CNR) that he is convinced that the health mediator is a key to collective action.

Being a health mediator means being a bridge between the patient and the doctor. Indeed, he must monitor the reintegration of the patient into the care system. Then, question the attending physician about the problems that led the patient to leave the medical system. These well-being promotion personnel are essential in the system so that the provision of care home or hospital is accessible to all. And that the quality of treatment provided by health establishments is adapted to the patient.


Health mediators, a profession with a future in the medical care system.

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Patients excluded from the organizational structure

Mostly, it is elderly people and people in precarious situations who find themselves excluded of the health system and do not have access to care. This is due to the fact that they do not have access to technology and have difficulty making appointments with health professionals, whether for a simple consultation, hospitalization, health insurance, or even home help. .

Some patients are subject to mental disorders or have a serious illness such as HIV. However, caregivers are sometimes overwhelmed by the particularities of each patient. They then need a third party to help them. The health mediator must first win the patient’s trust. Then, he convinces the HIV-positive person or the patient with declining mental well-being to accept their condition, to seek treatment, and to follow the medical prescription in a hospital center or to be interned in a psychiatric service, if necessary. is.

The skills required in this healthcare system

In the care system, the health mediator, like nurses and nursing auxiliaries, must have a good medical background. But even more, he must master the administrative procedures such as the functioning of the social protection. Being a health mediator therefore requires medico-social skills. A care pathway follow-up service that requires technical skills, know-how and above all, know-how.

However, no framework has yet been defined for the role of health mediator. No strategy or economic model has been put in place to regulate his profession. While the profession has existed since 1980, in an associative environment and legally recognized in 2016 by the law on the modernization of the healthcare system. It is important to fully integrate the profession of health mediator into the rules governing the sector, adds Philippe Denormandie, one of the three guarantors of the CNR.


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