We reveal the secrets to sublimate your hair

We reveal the secrets to sublimate your hair

Do you ever think about the roots or the scalp of the beautiful hair you pass on the street? Hair trends this year, we love taking care of our hair to make it glamorous.

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If there’s one thing women have in common with models and celebrities, it’s the desire to show off beautiful, healthy hair. We never tire of giving them the best care they deserve. Sometimes the efforts are not enough, the forks invite themselves on the lengths or the crimps invade the fringes. If in the 21st century, we cannot yet repair them, it is still possible to prevent their appearance by practicing a good care routine.

Pampering our ends, repairing our split ends, enhancing our color and protecting our lengths, we no longer know where to turn.

In 2022, the focus is on the hair care ritual, pampering your mane for a Glam chic effect. Scrub, mask, balm, milk, oil, cream… Everything is good for pampering your hair.


Moisturize to bring water to the hair fiber so the hair is supple, plump and easy to style. Favor moisturizing materials, such as aloe vera or glycerin so that the water does not evaporate.


The key to beautiful hair! Feed the hair with nourishing products textured with creams or butter. It will therefore have more strength and robustness to form its loop and resist external aggressions.


To maintain hydration in the scales of the hair, it must be “imprisoned” by applying a fatty substance to close the scales: an oil, a milk or a cream. In addition to keeping the curls supple and hydrated, this technique creates a protective film around the hair fiber.

Good editorial addresses


11 rue de Crosne

76000 Rouen

Member of a prestigious professional artistic team, Maxou crisscrosses the studios, TV sets, backstage and participates in the biggest hairdressing competition. As a preview, he applies the latest hair products in his Rouen salon.

Jacques Dessange

10 Old Market Square

76000 Rouen

No less than fifteen technicians will pamper you from head to toe. Stéphanie offers a disheveled hairstyle and a must-have Californian blonde. On the well-being side, the delicious Karine takes care of the beauty of your hands and advises you on your make-up.

The Establishment

100 Rue Martainville,

76000 Rouen

The establishment is just incredible, this salon is everything we love, intimate, professional and refined. Anne and her team take care of your hair and makeup for your wedding, it’s just perfect on D-Day!

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