Manage your emotions with EFT in Barcelona (and in French)

Manage your emotions with EFT in Barcelona (and in French)

Based on acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, EFT is a mind-body technique. Through the use of speech and tapping on the body, it helps to release emotional blockages and bring back the memories that caused this blockage. Sophie Wajda offers sessions in French and English in Barcelona.

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“Developing self-love and well-being are priority needs” relates Sophie Wajda. “We don’t know how to take care of them and therefore we don’t know how to express them, whereas that allows us to live in serenity and harmony”. French living in Barcelona, ​​she made emotion management her job, after having followed an EFT therapy which profoundly changed her outlook on life and on herself.

Rather unknown, this practice has attracted the attention of scientists because it has allowed veterans of the Vietnam War to resume a normal life. After only a few sessions, they were able to relive situations without feeling emotional attachment. Through this experience, EFT has demonstrated that it is a powerful and essential technique in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). For her part, Sophie Wajda experienced it as a rebirth. “Before I suffered life, I went from the shadow of myself to a deep reconnection to the person I was: independent and autonomous” she confides. “My expatriation to China in 2005 changed my life and my identity. EFT gave me confidence in myself. This is how I trained in this technique and opened my practice to help my patients be assertive ».

Sophie Wadja therapist coach Barcelona Photo Clementine Laurent 12The world is constantly changing and demands adaptability and flexibility. A change in a life often provokes the need to work on oneself. During an expatriation the landmarks move. The distance from the family, the loss of the framework, the steps to be taken weaken. Faced with this different context, where his usual behavior cannot function, stress is triggered. One can feel a sense of frustration, helplessness and isolation. One can also feel disconnected or on “autopilot” mode, as the brain goes into survival mode. Good emotional management allows you to adapt to change.

EFT is for people who are unable or no longer able to manage their emotions without understanding the reason, whether it is a permanent feeling of sadness, unease or even anger that is expressed on those around them. . This situation can lead to guilt and/or shame, especially on the part of parents towards their children. This feeling prevents them from making coherent decisions, it creates anxiety in the child.

EFT technique in Barcelona: how does it work?

EFT starts from the premise that “All negative thoughts are caused by a disturbance in the body’s energy system”. During a session, the patient evokes a current situation that triggers an emotion or a bodily pain. The therapist will then ask the patient what emotion does he feel at the mention of this situation? Or does he feel the emotion in his body? What thoughts are associated with this situation? The goal is to detect the emotional trigger and origin. Over time, the sessions work their way back to the source of the problem. They return to the limiting beliefs created during childhood and lived situations in order to disconnect the emotional connection, thoughts and behavior.

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An emotion translates an unmet need and corresponds to an energy. During a session, the patient becomes aware of this. The tapping of the fingertips, the index and the middle finger, touch very precise meridian points, on the face, the body and the hands. Each is linked to an organ. Each organ is linked to a specific emotion: the liver anger, the stomach anxiety (hence the expression to make bile), the chest sadness or the kidneys fear. When this energy is not released, it leads to a dysfunction in the energy system of the body, thus impacting the functioning of the organs and generating negative thoughts.

Sophie Wadja therapist coach Barcelona Photo Clementine Laurent 5EFT is a technique that is suitable for adults as well as adolescents or children. Our experiences in childhood will condition our emotional reactions and behaviors. The earlier we work on our emotions, the better our ability to manage them and navigate the world confidently and safely.

Consultations can be carried out at the office located in Travessera de Gràcia, on Mondays and Wednesdays, or in video the rest of the week.

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