SVR Sebiaclear Serum – Beauty Prescription

SVR Sebiaclear Serum - Beauty Prescription

Founded by Simone and Robert Véret, the SVR Laboratory was born in 1962. The brand manufactures and markets various skincare products for all skin types.

Their secret? Un blend of innovative formulas and active ingredients.

Range Sebiaclear is one of SVR’s many bestsellers. It is dedicated to imperfections. Its effectiveness lies in the (over)concentration of dermatological active ingredients within the products. The treatments in this collection guarantee visible results in 7 days.

Discovering the essential Sebiaclear SVR Serum.

SVR Sebiaclear Serum: why do we love it?

It is the ideal care to fight against acne on adult skin. The causes of this type of acne can be multiple: tobacco, pollution, hormones or even stress. This form of acne usually settles on the chin and jaw.

This serum is therefore suitable for acne-prone and/or combination to oily skin as well as for mature skin.

What is the action of this anti-blemish treatment?

  • It reduces brown and red marks.
  • It protects the skin.
  • It prevents skin aging.
  • It reduces pores and mattifies the skin.
  • It hydrates the skin.

Results: soft, clear and smoother skin.

The little extra: this serum is perfect as a base for make-up.

This treatment is intended for daily use (morning and/or evening). It penetrates quickly thanks to its fluid and light texture.

It can be applied alone for oily skin and in addition to the usual care for combination skin.

To use it:

  • Apply the serum by gently massaging the skin in a circular motion (don’t forget the neck and décolleté).

What is the composition of SVR Sebiaclear Serum?

It is the ingredients of this serum that make it effective.

This Sebiaclear serum contains*:

  • A powerful duo of anti-blemish active ingredients: 14% gluconolactone, a very well tolerated active ingredient of natural origin that refines skin texture, unclogs pores and limits the formation of imperfections. 4% niacinamide to soothe irritations of acne-prone skin and limit bacterial proliferation.
  • A complex of anti-aging active ingredients RETINOID LIKE + HYALURONIC ACID: with an action against the signs of aging. It protects and plumps the skin. It smoothes wrinkles and fine lines.
  • An anti-pollution shield VEGETAL ANTI-OXIDANT + ANTI-POLLUTION SUGAR: for protect the skin from external aggressions and to limit recurrence.

source: SVR Laboratory

Product sheet

Mark : SVR

Category : Face care

Price : 21.90 €

skin type : Oily skin, Mature skin, Sensitive skin, Acne skin

Formulation : Serum

Use : Day Night

Face area : All face areas

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